Friday, May 30, 2014

Prepping the Planning Binder

I am such a prep nerd!  I LOVE getting things ready to go for the next year...and since we have a team planning meeting coming up at the end of June...I was really stoked to see that Leslie at 
"Kindergarten Works" has a new Teacher Planning Calendar ready to download.
I used her 2013014 calendar last year and LOVED the design and space she's got built into the pages!
You can read all about her binder systems HERE.
Best part is she offers this planning calendar for FREE!  

This year I decided I'm going to create a special little something to hold both the calendar and some grades and some notes and some.... you get the idea...
I don't want something too thick and large to carry around so I'm going to try a quarter at a time and see how it goes.  We'll see...I want to do more on my devices this year as I may not need the paper version after the first quarter. 
I did find that I could upload some of my templates into the "Good Notes App"
and type or write on it as well to save even more paper...but for the first quarter...I'm sticking with the paper as well until I get more comfortable with the devices :) Leslie also offers an editable version of her calendar for a small fee.  I think you can use powerpoint to type over the pages and then print them off.  That way one of our wonderful team members can make the master calendar and then share it with the others...

Here's the gradebook page I was working on for the "new year".  We used an online program for recording grades this year that did not play well with my home network.  I'm a grade at home kinda a little Revenge and grade some papers...So...I thought I'd come up with a simple gradebook page for my new journey next year...You can download it if you like by using the link below.
Download a copy of my simple gradebook page HERE

So what great things do you add to your teacher binder?  
Do you use your own planning pages or someone else's design?

I'd love to hear how you prep for organization and sanity each year!

My son is trying to win a Music Scholarship from our local music store.
Would you take a moment to vote for him?  
Just click on his photo below to go to the Facebook Link...
Thanks so much!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Total Up 20 - Fluency Game Practice

Loved playing this fluency practice card game ...
Check out the directions HERE

I've created a couple different game board versions with the latest being one for "Back to School"
I think I'm going to have a "Fluency Station" during math groupings 
and make this a "staple" game this year.

What do you think?

Winter Version with the Mini Marshmallow markers...

I'd love to give a copy of each game away to someone this week :)
Leave a comment below with your email and I'll send the winners 
their games on Friday, May 30th

Don't forget to join our book study
starting June 16th!


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Summer Bucket List...What's Yours?

I'm linking up with Deanna Jump from Mrs. Jump's Class to have some fun
and share my Summer Bucket List... I've got a ton of stuff I'd like to do 
over these weeks of rest, but I'm looking forward to these the most...
Heading to Mamaw's to create some new tasks for my class next year.
visiting my hometown library's awesome book sale basement once or twice!
My classroom library is wonderfully filled with books that cost 10 cents...(well...sometimes I splurge and spend 25 cents on a hardback)...
Heading to the beach! 
One week in my favorite place on earth!
LOVE the sound of the waves and to watch the water!
Spending some time with this creative lady and try NOT to get into trouble!
Looking forward to trying some new foods as well...and maybe a trip or two to ...
My favorite Cheesecake place in Tennessee!...YUM-O!!!!!
and of course a couple trips to ....
Best coffee in the US of A!!!!!
This cutie patootie and I are taking a major road trip this summer!
and we look forward to some shopping time near this favorite view 
with my bestest shopping buddy...
and then there's the hubby's run across the state of Tennessee...
(cause running across the country in 2012 doesn't count for running the state top to bottom)
with crew dog by my side...what can go wrong????
Hmmmm....let's see....there's the HEAT...
and the BUGS....and the "where's the potty"...and the get the idea...
but we'll be using our techno devices to keep in touch 
and watch some of my favorite show on Netflix
but mostly to create some new stations 
for use during the small groups 
that I plan
to make much stronger 
while reading Debbie Diller's book
and sharing in the summer book study online!
Want to join me?  
Just follow along and jump in and share if you like.
I've got a page dedicated to the study this summer and will update it with 
some of our activities and ideas as we read through this little gem!
How about you?
Got something special planned?  
Join in Deanna's linky or share a comment or two below!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Join in the Summer Book Study #SBS14

Join in the fun and share along with me!
Fill out this google form to sign up 
for the email ring of sharing...
Follow me on Twitter and this blog 
to read along with our shares!

You can find the book on Amazon or in the bookstores...

I'm going to try using the Kindle version...
looks like the notes and highlighting ability of the Kindle app can be shared on Twitter :)

I'm linking up with Marie over at "The Hands-on Teacher in First!" 
for a summer reading linky...
she's got some good ideas and some neat links for summer reading as well..

If you'd like some shares from #SBS14 sent to your email, 
I'm creating a ring for the book study participants.  
This way I can share ideas and activities with you as they come in from all around :)
Please take a moment and fill out this google form to join along...

We'll try some technology shares as well....
like a Twitter Chat and a GoogleDoc form to share among the email ring people...
I look forward to seeing what new things I can learn from this summer's study!

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bouncing Bubbles!

Have you ever tried to bounce a bubble?  We did!  
And it was a BLAST!
Here's a youtube on how to make a great bouncing bubble solution...

I actually used another solution mix that Steve Spangler suggests...
1 cup Distilled Water
1 T Dawn
1 t liquid glycerine

Mix together and let it sit 24 hours.

The glove really does work! 

Our bubble day was SPECTACULAR!

FIRST: We read Mercer Mayer's

then tried to create some 'magical' bubbles for ourselves!

THEN: we used pipe cleaners to create our own bubble wands...
We experimented with different shapes.
We had to fight the outside wind, but we had a ton of fun!

Try it out for yourself!
PS...liquid glycerine is available at Walmart in the section with rubbing alcohol... :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm guest blog posting 
over at this awesome blog!

Hop over and check out how we use 
Augmented Reality in 
The Swamp!


Saturday, May 17, 2014

End of the Year Gifts for Fluency Practice!

Last year I gave my kiddos a bag of dice with some games to practice math fact fluency over the summer months...You can read about it here and download the freebie.

Since I moved up to second with several of my students from first, I created a new summer fluency pack for this year's end of the year gift...

I'll print off the different game directions on cardstock 
...I'm using the 2 per page version for the packet...
You can download this file HERE

and put the game directions inside a ziplock pouch with a pack of cards...
Dollar Tree (2 for a dollar)....

I also created a QR code to go with the directions so that they can be accessed on devices!
I added the QR code to this cute little note to put in the ziplock baggie!
I LOVE the graphics from MyCuteGraphics!  
These surfer kids are perfect!

Here's what the final gift bag will look like for my kiddos...

Do you do anything special for an end of the year gift for your kiddos?
I'd love to hear about your ideas!
Please comment below!


You can download the game file from my TpT store for Free!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Loved That Lesson Linky

I'm linking up with Meg from "Fourth Grade Studio" to share a lesson 
that really worked well with my kiddos!

This is the first in a series of posts that I hope to link with... 
the second Sunday of each month!
Hope you enjoy!

I'm a big fan of The Teaching Channel...
I love watching ideas and activities that work for other teachers...
I'm a visual learner so the video format works well for me!

One of the MOST fun activities the kids and I have tried is called  
"The Trashcan Game"
Using dice the kids work in teams to create the 
largest number possible with regard to place value!

To learn more about how to play with your students, 
watch this short video from The Teaching Channel

I made a worksheet to go with the game, but we ended up just using our whiteboards
 and expo markers.  The kids worked in teams and were very good about communicating which numbers they wanted to place each number in which value....YEAH!  
Here's the worksheet that you're welcome to download...

Take a moment to hop over and see more from the linky!