Sunday, April 27, 2014

Testing Encouragement

A third grade teacher at my school shared a testing encouragement strategy with me this week that I think I'm going to give a go for the SAT10 test my kiddos will begin on May6th.
Basically, it's a "top secret mission" for the parents to create
encouragement notes that I can give to the students each day of the test...
I already have the "testing treats" know...the 
"donut let the test stress're going to do great"
"rock and roll the test"
But I thought this little treasure of encouragement from the "homefront" would be an extra special piece to the equation of testing encouragement...
I remember back in college, during finals week, Mamaw would send me a box.
Inside the box would be a wrapped treat for each day of the finals week...
They were marked:  "Open day one" and so on...
It was a reminder that even though I was far family was thinking of me and wishing me well!  Encouragement!  It's like oxygen to the soul!  It helps us all do better.
So.... what do you think?
If you'd like to put together a package for your kiddos...
you can click HERE to download this free file!

Good luck to all!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

We LOVE the Dewey Camera Stand!

The Copernicus has a wonderful product that has transformed how my class
uses the iPad and shares "what they know" with each other...

Hop over and check it out!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday-Dewey Stand

I'm linking up with Christina to share my new love and very favorite new technology stand...
The Dewey Stand has changed the way I teach with my iPad...
For Real!!!!!!

I'll post more later on how much I LOVE this new tool to use with my iPad!
and how it's changed the way my kids are sharing what they learn across the net!

Do you use your iPad with your projector?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Are You Using Google Docs to Create Quizzes?

I've been using google docs to create online quizzes for awhile now!  I LOVE the tech aspect of helping the kids use the computer and devices to answer questions and record their thoughts...

I was SUPER EXCITED to see that 

Is sharing a TON of information that has changed the way I'll be creating and grading quizzes....
yes grading!

Hop over to Jen's blog by clicking on the button above and check out her wonderful series called...
Teacher Training Bootcamp!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mashpedia-check it out

Just read about this neat little tool ... Mashpedia...

on Dawn's blog..

and thought I'd share...
We're starting 3 digit addition and subtraction this week in 
I thought I'd check out to see what videos Mashpedia offered...
Not bad...

don't think I'd have the kids use it...but perfect for me :)