Wednesday, March 5, 2014

QR Code + Evernote + Animoto = HEAVEN!

Thanks to Tabitha Carro from FlapJack Educational Resources, I've got some new technology to LOVE!!!! and my students will have memories forever more available to them with one tiny scan!

Tabitha has an awesome YouTube Channel where she shares cool ideas and freebies every month!  I'm an avid follower because I learn best through visual and auditory stimuli....and she makes some great engaging and easy to follow videos for sharing!

FlapJack Educational Resources

Her lastest share has had me totally enjoying my last 2 snow days prepping videos and sharing memories with my students from my PJ wearing, fireplace on, lovin' home!  Check it out below...then be sure to hop over to Tabitha's blog and check out the TONS of resources she has to share with you!

It's soooooo easy to put together and share with the kids!  
Thanks so much Tabitha!  You made my week!

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