Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Egg Carton Addition Station

Need a quick and easy math station to help your students practice 2-digit addition with regrouping?

First- I planned out my number patterns using an empty egg carton.  Then I took a permanent marker and added the solutions (or answers) to the bottom of the egg cups.

Next- I added the addends to the egg parts that would equal the sum in the bottom of the egg cup.
Add a basket to store the egg parts inside of for the station....I just grabbed an old butter container from my mom's and I'll add a decorative paper wrapper to the outside...but a cute Easter basket would work as well...and I've seen some of the cutest frog baskets this year!
Make a simple direction label for the front of the egg carton container and...voila!...

Easy Peasy..... Math station ready to go...

The kids could record their number equations on a white board, on a piece of notebook paper, or use this recording sheet... (with graphics by MyCuteGraphics-LOVE these graphics!)...


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