Saturday, March 29, 2014

My New Fav....QR

I LOVE using QR codes in the classroom.
and just discovered that there are QR codes that don't have to utilize the internet....

Using the QR Treasure Hunt Generator, I can quickly create a 
QR scanning station for the vocabulary for the story of the week !

Nothing fancy here...just print the QR codes and have the kids
fill in the answers on a recording sheet or notebook paper.

Print off and display the directions poster at the station...

Print off QR codes and glue to index cards or a cute cut out...

Keep the answers somewhere you'll be able to check the work quickly.

And you're done!

Easy Peasy lemon squeezy!

Download the QR codes for the Vocabulary for 
Second Grade Reading Street story 5.5 


Sunday, March 23, 2014

3-Digit Addition with Augmented Reality

Do you use QR codes in your classroom?  
Then you'll LOVE this Augmented Reality station using the Aurasma App to find the answers...
Simply print out the trigger 3-digit addition cards for A-J and put at your Math Station.  
Follow the direction slide for obtaining the Aurasma App (available from both iTunes and Google Play) and following my 2 channels. 

Trigger Images can be used as just regular station cards as well... 
 Students complete the addition equation on the recording sheet by copying the equation and solving.  
Then use the Aurasma app to check their answer to see if they are correct. 

Download it from my TpT store HERE
I'll keep it free until after my last workshop this week.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ONE QR Code + Evernote = Math Task Heaven!

FlapJack did a post on using QR codes with EverNote and Animoto for Memory Making
 that I absolutely fell IN LOVE with! more about it HERE just occurred to me....

If you can do it with memories... 
why not with Math Tasks????
...Create .... ONE EverNote ..... 
that has a Math Task in the Note...

Use the link for the EverNote to create a QR code...

embed the QR code something...
a website....
a picture frame...
a card...

Then all you have to do is change the EverNote 
and the Math Task QR code can be scanned
EVERYDAY and be a different challenge!

Here's my version of a background using
and Ashley Hughes ClipArt...

I've got it printed and ready to hang in the room tomorrow...
The kids have a "Learning Log" that they record different responses inside....
so they can scan the QR code in the morning and solve the task for a sweet treat!

Here's a couple other designs you might like to use for your own QR code....

 ~~ OR ~~

Print off OUR Math Task picture and scan the QR code along with us each day!

You might even like to
tweet us @swampfrogkids 
with the answer to the task each day :)

Click HERE to download the file...

If you haven't checked out FlapJack Educational Resource's blog...she's fabulous...
Hop over HERE
FlapJack Educational Resources

and Ashley Hughes has some great shares HERE


Monday, March 17, 2014

Old Lady Clover Update

Major bummer when the kids scanned the QR code today and our school server has blocked Sound I went back and added the audio to google docs and create a QR code for it...

Here's the original Sound Cloud version...
 Here's the updated version with the google doc audio embedded in the QR code...

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Roll It, Write It, Model It!

Here's a quick and easy Dice Station for 3-digit number sense modeling and comparision.
Students roll three dice.
Then manipulate the dice to create the largest number they can with the 3 digits rolled.
Using squares and rectangles, students must model the number.
When the numbers have all been created and modeled, students use <,>, and = to compare the 
numbers on the recording sheet.
Download the station sheets HERE


Friday, March 14, 2014

Old Lady Clover-SoundCloud share

Have you ever used "" ?

I had Mamaw make a quick podcast of "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover" for Monday's ELA Station rotations...
Then I uploaded the audio to

You should be able to listen and download the story audio through this link

I also made a QR code for the story so the kids can scan and listen on the iPods.

You can print out the QR Scan card with the AR quiz number and QR scan below to put into your listening station with the iPods...


Thursday, March 13, 2014

QR Code Super Hero Addition/Subtraction Task Cards

Use these QR codes in a Math Station for practicing addition and subtraction with 3-digits!

I LOVE and these super heroes are just what the teacher ordered for bringing some fun to the stations as we work with some tough concepts!

Students Scan the QR Code cards and then use the recording sheets to practice adding or subtracting with 3-digit numbers.
 No QR Scanner...NO Problem....just print the pages for the place value numbers to complete the station in your room...

Check out the packet in my TpT store HERE...

Check back soon for a craftivity that mom and I are working on for an Easter Math Hall Scoot for addition and subtraction with 3-digits :)


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

QR Code for ABC Order

I have a QR code station for sentence correction that the kids have been working on during ELA rotations...but it's time for a I used some of St. Patty's Day graphics to create this easy peasy QR Scan station for next week using the ABC Order skill for practice...

But if you don't have access to the QR could always print out the cards, laminate, and let the kids record their ABC order "the old fashioned" way...

Either way should be a fun review of the skill for my kiddos and I think I'll challenge them to use some of the words in a story or sentences on the back of the recording sheet.

Download a copy of the file HERE
Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Egg Carton Addition Station

Need a quick and easy math station to help your students practice 2-digit addition with regrouping?

First- I planned out my number patterns using an empty egg carton.  Then I took a permanent marker and added the solutions (or answers) to the bottom of the egg cups.

Next- I added the addends to the egg parts that would equal the sum in the bottom of the egg cup.
Add a basket to store the egg parts inside of for the station....I just grabbed an old butter container from my mom's and I'll add a decorative paper wrapper to the outside...but a cute Easter basket would work as well...and I've seen some of the cutest frog baskets this year!
Make a simple direction label for the front of the egg carton container and...voila!...

Easy Peasy..... Math station ready to go...

The kids could record their number equations on a white board, on a piece of notebook paper, or use this recording sheet... (with graphics by MyCuteGraphics-LOVE these graphics!)...


Monday, March 10, 2014

Super Heroe 3-Digit Games

I'm getting ready to present a workshop for the last quarter skills in our
Second Grade Math Curriculum...
One of the skills we'll talk about teaching is
Adding and Subtracting with 3-Digit Numbers 
with and without Regrouping...
So I whipped up this super easy station or small group game to help with practicing...
(I'll keep it free until after the workshop the week of March 24th)

I'm in LOVE with the My Cute Graphics 
Super I threw them in for fun!

Download the free (for now) game HERE...


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Egg Carton Math Stations

Print each egg carton page on cardstock…. laminated if desired….cut out each piece.

Put the number circles into the egg cups.  I use the large size of the glue dots to anchor each number to the bottom of the egg cup.  You could also use double sided tape or glue.

Use clear packaging tape to anchor the directions onto the top of the egg carton.

Add one, two, or three pom poms to the inside of the carton.  Close the carton and shake upside down.  Turn the carton right side up and check to see what number cups the poms have landed inside….write these on the recording sheets and continue to play.

Recording sheets may be printed off for each child OR a set could be printed and added to a page protector.  Students can use expo markers to record their answers for each station.

Six Games include in this packet:

March games...
Count the Gold = 2-digit addition with regrouping
Lucy Shake = 2-digit subtraction with regrouping
Lucky Coins = 3-digit numbers 10 more/less, 100 more/less

April Games...
Count the Eggs = 3-digit addition with regrouping
Jelly Bellies = 3-digit subtraction with regrouping
Painting Eggs! = 3-digit numbers 10 more/less, 100 more/less

I'll keep the file free until after my math workshops the week of March 25th...enjoy!

Click HERE to download the files...