Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Snugg

iPad Mini for a 50th Birthday Present...
Love IT!

But having my froggies use it in the class was nerve wracking without a cover.
I adore Otterboxes...they've been great for the kids using my iPads...but
I didn't want something quite so bulky and heavy for my mini...
this is my baby that I share with my kiddos...BUT, I want to be able to carry it in the hall without getting carpal tunnel syndrome...ya know? !

Enter  "THE SNUGG"

Perfect color...perfect fit...perfect for carrying in the hall AND propping up in the room!

LOVE it!!!!
See this cool little addition on the side?  Fits my stylus pen perfectly so the mini
goes with me to faculty meetings now instead of the heavy iPad.

And with the sleek leather design, I can still carry it in my purse and have it available for 
note taking or picture capturing anywhere.

I LOVE the elastic band on the back that allows me to easily grasp the iPad in one hand and not worry about it falling or being knocked out of my hand by classes passing by in the hall.

And I am ECSTATIC over the wake up cover!  Open the cover and the iPad Mini comes to life!

My students love the way the case gives the iPad Mini a tilt so they can easily work on their "Timed Tests" app...(more on that in a later post)... 
It puts the iPad Mini at just the right angle for those little hands to touch and go.
It was hard to decide on the color as it comes in so many varieties....but ended up going with the frog green for the swamp frogs!  and they LOVE it as well!

Head over to "The Snugg"website and check out all their great products.
Not just an iPad Mini...but iPads and iPhones and Smart Phones, and Kindles...OH MY!

Do you have a favorite cover for your tablet or phone?

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Math Task Logic Puzzle: January Theme

My students really started to get into these logic puzzles before we left for Christmas Break...
You can read about our Christmas Logic Puzzle HERE
and pick it up for free on my TpT store HERE

So...I thought I'd get ready for next week's four days with another Math Task filled with Logic and January themed graphics (from My Cute Graphics...of fav graphics!)...

I'd love to give a packet away ....why not join in the fun of the rafflecopter giveaway!
If you're not a Swamp Frog Facebook fan...that's a great option...
 I'm thinking about doing a couple of flash freebies during the month of January :)

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year and a Winner!

Happy New Year and Congratulations to...

Thanks for joining in my giveaway fun!  
If you'd like to pick up a copy of the practice sheet packet for yourself, I'm putting ALL items in my Teacher's Notebook Store on sale for 10% for the next four days!

Hope you're having a WONDERFUL New Year's Day!