Friday, December 27, 2013

Math Fact Fluency Checks & A Giveaway

Happy "Almost" 2014!
In an effort to help my second graders become more fluent in their addition and subtraction facts, I've created some fluency checks that are turning out to be very helpful and very low key for my kiddos.
These short checks can be given as timed or un-timed  tests for fluency of math facts to 20.  
There are 23 One Minute Fluency Checks 
Five 1-Minute fluency checks
Teacher Data Graphs to keep records of where the kids are on the fluency check spectrum.
Student Data Graphs to help students keep records of how many times they're taking the checks before moving onto the next level.
I've even got some labels to help you set up your own system of fluency checks to allow students to progress at different rates.

We practice math fact fluency on a daily basis in my classroom.... during our math rotations, calendar math time, and hallway quick checks... You can download a set of the fact cards I use with the kids on my class website HERE or by clicking the picture of my class homepage below...
When I print out the cards, I set the printer to print 2 pages onto one.  This makes the cards small enough to fit into an Altoid Tin box that is just right for my kiddos to grab and go when they are practicing.  I mix the subtraction with the addition cards...and try to keep the math fact families together so they get used to switching back and forth between the symbols.

If you would like to check out some more resources for math fact fluency, hop over to a blog I write for called Second Grade CCSSM Resources...There's a whole page devoted to fluency and my thoughts as well as freebies from others to help increase math fact fluency with your kiddos...
I've also got some resources from the K-2 Math Fact Fluency Book Study we did this summer...I still refer to the book to this day and LOVE the suggestions on how to help the kiddos with fluency and their's easily one of my favorite PD books every!

In honor of some family birthdays this month...
my son turns 19 on the 28th of December
and it's the big
for me on the 31st!
I thought I'd give away a couple copies of my Math Fact Fluency Checks...
one from my TpT Store and the other from my TN Store...

Join in the fun and best of luck!  I'll announce the winners on January 1, 2014!



  1. Happy birthday tomorrow to Zach and an early happy birthday to you on Tuesday! Learning math facts are on my list of things I need to hit hard once we get back into the swing of things in January. Wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous new year!

  2. Instead of just memorizing, I try to teach strategies, songs and games to build number sense. Love your packet!

  3. We work on math facts together. We use games and activities to work on facts.

  4. My TA works on facts flash cards w/ our students. We also play games to practice.

  5. We work really hard on math fact fluency. Really love your packet!

  6. We play card games and use math ladders.

  7. This year we asked our kids to bring in addition and subtraction flashcards and the love to get them out when they have free time.

  8. Happy Birthday:) Love the Math practice!