Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Day in the 40s with a Linky Round Up

Enjoying my "last day in the forties" internet surf time....
Here's the "pre (me) and post(my son) birthday celebrations with the family...not feeling almost 50...
...until I realized I have a 19 year old now ....when did that happen?????

...and happened upon this cool 
hosted by Jennifer over at 

soooo...... I thought I'd join in the fun.  

You'd be amazed at all the great educational blogs there are that have 
some wonderful ideas to share!
Hop over and check it out…
but be sure to follow my  Swamp Frog blog for some more upcoming give aways in the new year….I'm revamping my math rotations and I've got fluency on the brain…can't wait to share what I'm thinking might work to help my kiddos (and hopefully yours as well) become more fluent math fact thinkers…

There's still a day left in the Math Fact Fluency packet giveaway HERE
Hop back in the posts and sign up for a chance to win this packet that has been so useful for me and my frogs! 
....and then go check out all the wonderful blogs that are linking up with

Enjoy your New Year's Eve! 
And be safe!

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