Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Resources are "Rocking My World" !

I was recently introduced to two Awesome websites that have truly "Rocked My World"!

K12Reader has wonderful resources for small group skill work as well as formative assessment type worksheets...I LOVE the context clues worksheets and plan to use them with my reading groups this week in a game format between the group readers... 

The subcategories for Reading skills make it easy to see and read the content that is offered! part....the resources I've looked at are FREE....
of course they are a lot of ads on the page, but I'm pretty good at ignoring those when I want to :)

Arcademic Skill Builders has quickly become a favorite with my class!  It has challenging- fluency building- skill leveled games that are fun to play!

There is a sign up and login feature, however, so far.....we've been able to play the games without having to do either of those things.  

You can sort the games by subject and by grade level...
so far our favorite is Jet Ski Addition, which oddly enough is an app I've had on the iPad for a year :)

Teach Math is another resource I'm interested in finding out more about...I'm in LOVE with the open number line concept that I read about on the Math Coach's Blog...
We're starting to discover different tools to use when trying to solve 2 two-digit problems in both addition and subtraction...The open number line is a "hit" with the kids and has been very helpful with the addition .... this week we'll try the subtraction version...
Not sure I'm going to go with the huge 30 and 40 hops....but I think the ten hops would work just as well.... and I like the idea of starting at the number being subtracted and adding what you need to get to the nearest ten before adding on the rest of the numbers to get to the final answer...
We'll see how it works...

We're using Educreations and Explain Everything apps on the iPads to help us share our learning with our helps them to see how the "new math" terms and thoughts are playing out in the classroom when they're doing also gives the kids a reference for "how we did what we did in the room" :)

Educreations is a FREE app...

Explain Everything is a paid app....but for the price of a cup of coffee...I thought it was worth the outcomes...(still bought the coffee...but it's the idea of the price :)

Here's a simple worksheet that I used with small groups to help us work on the beginnings of adding with an open number line...
Just click the picture or HERE to download.

Do you have any favorite Math or Reading websites that you'd like to share?
PLEASE leave a comment with the URL...I LOVE to get resources to help me 
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  1. I recently found the website Moby Max. It is K-8 and each child gets a log on. They take a pretest in each subject (you can select the subject you want them to work on) Then they go through lessons where they had weaknesses. It is all FREE!!

  2. Sounds like something worth checking out :)

  3. You've got some great stuff here, Heidi, thanks!