Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ring the Bell - Second Grade Style

I LOVE Heidi Butkus and all her great ideas!  I took her latest post about Ring The Bell...that I LOVE as a game and modified the game for Second Grade...

You'll have to check out her blog here to find out how to play it...
She's got an amazing mind when it comes to getting kids involved and learning...

I plan to use some of her cards from above with my second graders to review words that we're working on this week during group time...however, our skill this week is question and I'd have the kiddos pick a card and use it in a question or statement before they get to keep it...

I also added some definition cards into the that if a child picks a word card and the definition card is on the table...the child can put the word into a sentence and then give the definition for the word.  Then they get both cards...

I created labels for the Reading Street skill of base words + endings to use as the cards...I'll just attach the labels on the cards...and use Heidi's special cards to put into the deck..

I may even add the amazing words in future...but for now...we'll go with this deck and see how it goes.

Be sure to hop over to Heidi's Song and check out all her wonderful resources!
She's got a ton of ideas and she's so great at sharing in simple and understandable terms !

enjoy the day!


  1. Woaah!!! Way cool!!! I LOVE this!! Thanks so much for thinking of a great way to adapt the game!!!! And thanks for the shout out and all of the nice things you said about me, too!!!! How nice!!!

    1. Still love to use your great tools in Second...thanks for being so generous and for having such great ideas!