Sunday, August 25, 2013

Celebrating My 25th with a Giveaway!

I'm celebrating 25 years with my hubby this week and to pass along our excitement, I have been offered the ability to give away another pencil sharpener with a bloggy friend!  

Celebrate my joy and enter to win a fabulous pencil sharpener of your color choice...and there's a new color to celebrate with too.... check out this "precious pink" baby....
Now...what kiddo wouldn't LOVE to sharpen their pencil with this!?!

If you're a veteran teacher (or possibly even a new teacher), you know that having a pencil sharpener that is easy to use, quiet, and WORKS WITHOUT BREAKING is a
deal breaker in classroom supplies area!
I've found the one for me!  Watch it in action...
Classroom Friendly Supplies has THE quietest and bestest pencil sharpener IMO...even sharpened those cute pencils with the fancy outside coverings that peel off with the electric sharpener and drive you crazy because then the very thing that you paid so much money to get the pencil is now all over the floor of your room :)

Hop over and purchase your own sharpener in a color of your choice (you can even use a PO from your school).
Better yet...get with 2 other teacher buddies and 
buy 3...they're cheaper that way! :)

I have had great success with this sharpener this year!  My poor electronic sharpener is feeling lonely and sad....the kids learned to use the Quietest Sharpener with NO Problems at all!  Just a couple of experts to show the rest how to use it and kaboom!  Pencil sharpener heaven!

Thanks again to Troy at Classroom Friendly Supplies for allowing me to celebrate my 25th with a special giveaway 
on my blog!  
You can enter the giveaway below.
Best of Luck!

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  1. I'd LOVE to try this out!! I always go through one electric sharpener and end up using the office's sharpener.

    Who knew a pencil sharpener could be such a BIG deal?

    First Grade Lyons' Den

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  3. Yep...I need one of these sharpeners! Would love to try it out. Happy Anniversary and Thanks!

  4. Congrats! When does it open?

  5. Love these sharpeners! Happy 25th!!
    I tried entering and it said it was closed...

  6. Happy 25th. It says the contest is closed.

  7. Sorry Y'all...the contest is on now...hopefully the rafflecopter and I are playing nicely :)