Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ring the Bell - Second Grade Style

I LOVE Heidi Butkus and all her great ideas!  I took her latest post about Ring The Bell...that I LOVE as a game and modified the game for Second Grade...

You'll have to check out her blog here to find out how to play it...
She's got an amazing mind when it comes to getting kids involved and learning...

I plan to use some of her cards from above with my second graders to review words that we're working on this week during group time...however, our skill this week is question and I'd have the kiddos pick a card and use it in a question or statement before they get to keep it...

I also added some definition cards into the that if a child picks a word card and the definition card is on the table...the child can put the word into a sentence and then give the definition for the word.  Then they get both cards...

I created labels for the Reading Street skill of base words + endings to use as the cards...I'll just attach the labels on the cards...and use Heidi's special cards to put into the deck..

I may even add the amazing words in future...but for now...we'll go with this deck and see how it goes.

Be sure to hop over to Heidi's Song and check out all her wonderful resources!
She's got a ton of ideas and she's so great at sharing in simple and understandable terms !

enjoy the day!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Celebrating My 25th with a Giveaway!

I'm celebrating 25 years with my hubby this week and to pass along our excitement, I have been offered the ability to give away another pencil sharpener with a bloggy friend!  

Celebrate my joy and enter to win a fabulous pencil sharpener of your color choice...and there's a new color to celebrate with too.... check out this "precious pink" baby....
Now...what kiddo wouldn't LOVE to sharpen their pencil with this!?!

If you're a veteran teacher (or possibly even a new teacher), you know that having a pencil sharpener that is easy to use, quiet, and WORKS WITHOUT BREAKING is a
deal breaker in classroom supplies area!
I've found the one for me!  Watch it in action...
Classroom Friendly Supplies has THE quietest and bestest pencil sharpener IMO...even sharpened those cute pencils with the fancy outside coverings that peel off with the electric sharpener and drive you crazy because then the very thing that you paid so much money to get the pencil is now all over the floor of your room :)

Hop over and purchase your own sharpener in a color of your choice (you can even use a PO from your school).
Better yet...get with 2 other teacher buddies and 
buy 3...they're cheaper that way! :)

I have had great success with this sharpener this year!  My poor electronic sharpener is feeling lonely and sad....the kids learned to use the Quietest Sharpener with NO Problems at all!  Just a couple of experts to show the rest how to use it and kaboom!  Pencil sharpener heaven!

Thanks again to Troy at Classroom Friendly Supplies for allowing me to celebrate my 25th with a special giveaway 
on my blog!  
You can enter the giveaway below.
Best of Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, August 18, 2013

TpT Sale and a New Favorite Blogger

I am in serious AWE of this teacher's products for working with math and sight words using the ppt programs she's created!  Hop over and check out her things!  

and....TpT has a 28% sale today and I just loaded up on the flash dice...flash cards to 10 and 20 and the Watch, Think, and Color ideas with the hundreds boards!

Wow!.....I LOVE the concept!!!!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back in Full Swing!

Are you Back to School Yet?

August 5th was our first day back and I'm soooooo liking SECOND GRADE!

If you're working with the Common Core Standards and Envision Math....there's a couple of resources that are available for First and Second Grade teachers....

Check out the First Grade CCSSM Resources Blog  HERE

and the Second Grade CCSSM Resources Blog  HERE

Still working on a lesson plan template that works the best for my new schedule...but here's the "skeleton look"...  You can download it HERE and modify for yourself...
you'll need the SFCartoonist font to see it correctly.

Enjoy the day!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

CJayneTeach Anchor Binder Giveaway!

has just opened up her virtual internet shop! 

If you're looking for some elegant and efficient organizational tools...
be sure to hop over and check out Chandra's ideas and shares.

Her Teacher Anchor has tons of organizational resources for both the new and veteran teachers that could help make teaching a breeze...well...less windy at the very least.
I'm impressed with the simple and elegant design...and I LOVE the apple at the top of the anchor...
but maybe that's the Navy Wife in me :)

Chandra reaches my heart with her mission statement:
"The mission is simple: C. Jayne Teach is here to offer simple classroom solutions so you can focus more on what matters most to you and make each day count."
 Hop over and check out some of the elegant and affordable items she has available…
Some of my favorites include:
and of course the amazing Teacher Anchor Binder
The Teacher Anchor is a complete binder system that serves to keep you organized and intentional in the classroom.  The complete Anchor is full of 120 pages of lesson plans, classroom organizers, curricular checklists, Common Core standard and big idea planners, substitute teacher notes, and a student data section that includes master forms and checklists for gathering pre/post test data, running records, small groups, individual conferencing and more!  It is meant to be customized to fit you and your students needs. 

Chandra is allowing me to give away one of her amazing Teacher Anchor Binders
 to an amazing SCS teacher 
here in Tennessee!
That's right…
if you teach in Shelby County Schools (in Tennessee) 
you can participate in the give away by filling in the things in the rafflecopter below.
It's a quick giveaway as I know school starts soon for all of us here in Shelby County
the winner will want to have the opportunity to spend some 
"get to know you time" with their new organizational binder!

Enjoy your day and the new school year!