Saturday, July 6, 2013

Reading and Writing Journal Idea

I plan to try a different approach to my Reading & Writing Journal this year...
So...I've got some cute graphics for the cover
And I'm adding a Personal Word wall page to the front cover as well as the back cover 
Then I can have them add words that are personally appealing or needed for review
I think I'll try an "oldddddd" trick that I used way back when for when the kiddos need help with spelling a word and are too caught up in the word to continue writing ...
They would try the word first and then I could help them on the second try...BUT
they could only come to me X times during a writing time help cut down on the up-down movement in the room... 

You can download a copy of the Personal Word Wall pages {HERE}.



  1. Thank you for sharing. I think I will add that to my kid's writer's workshop folders. Great idea!


  2. This is perfect Heidi I was going to have them do this but didn't have the form in mind. I think I'll have them write them all and keep adding pages if they fill up! :)