Friday, July 12, 2013

Math Fact Fluency Book Study, Chapter 7

K-2 Math Fact Fluency Book Study Ch. 7

Chapter seven was all about using tens to help solve number equations.

In other words…getting the kids to see how the numbers in the equation can be manipulated to make a 10 and some more…which are much quicker equations to be solved J

I like how the author talks about using ten frames and the two colored chips…pick a number equation card…build the first number in one ten frame with one color of the chip and then the second number with the other color of the chip…then the kids can see how easy it is to manipulate the chips to make a ten and some more…(page 117)

I do have the egg cartons with 2 cut off for the kids to use as they manipulate counters, but I saw ice cube trays at the Dollar tree the other day and they only had 10 spots in them….thinking J  (Page 120)

My new favorite game in this chapter is “Condition” (page 122)
I think I’d probably have the kids use a regular deck of cards…pull two and add them together.  Then pull a condition card to see if the sum matches the condition…I like how the condition cards are already to go on the CD that comes with the book J

On pg. 123, there is a “blurb” about a Family Math Fact Night…wonder if anyone already does this…I’ve heard of a Fluency Night…but never a Math Fact Night…hmmmm….there’s some more thought that needs to go into this J

I like the concept behind the “Take Away” game on Pg. 126.  But….I think I might just make a number line or use a border with the differences written on spots.  Kids could put cubes or markers on each number.  As they subtract the number equation, they could take away a marker from their number line.  If there’s no marker to take away, you lose your turn.  First one to remove all the markers from their numberline wins the game J

I REALLY like the idea behind the Mystery Word Problem on page 126 too…I think I may put the cards at the “Work on Writing” station and let the kids integrate reading and math to create word problems…

I’m getting so many great ideas from this book and I’ve learned so much about helping the kids learn fluency in their math facts!

Only one more chapter to go before the book is done! 

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