Monday, July 8, 2013

K2 Math Facts Book Study Chapter 6

"Mastering the Basic Math Facts
in Addition and Subtraction"
by Susan O'Connell

I'm really enjoying all the literature connections with this book as well as the quick simple and easy practice ideas...Here's some thoughts from Chapter Six...and some resources I've found to use with "Making Ten".

Chapter Six Resources
Making Ten

I LOVE the story for this chapter "Ten Apples Up on Top"
Have you checked out the school tube video 

Making Learning has a great resource page for the story too {HERE}

And there's some pretty cool ideas for using the story {HERE} as well.

I think it would be cute to take a picture of each student and then let them add red, yellow, or green apples made from construction paper to their picture ....they could choose 2 colors of apples to show ten on top.  Then use a number equation to tell more about their picture.

On page 99, the bead counters are a lot like Rekeneks...
and I LOVE Rekeneks !  
Have you seen the resources available on K-5 Mathematics Teaching Resources?
I've made some of the suggested Rekeneks and the kids really had a great time using them to help solve problems!
You can download the flashcards to use for number talks and recognition too...

On page 101, the authors talk about the importance of building automaticity...
"Automaticity with math facts requires practice....Many teachers insert quick fact reviews into their lesson on a regular basis.  Even a five-minute activity provides repeated exposure to the targeted skills and promotes fluency."

Here's a worksheet to use with the domino searches the authors suggest for practices
You can download it {HERE}

I also like the equation sort for sums of 10 on page could use any flashcards to have the kids do the sort and write the equations on a paper or on a dry erase board...

You can check out more resources on the Swamp Frog Page for the book study resources!

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