Friday, June 14, 2013

Say Hello to Bloglovin'

I'm trying out the "Blogger" App for this post from my iPad...crossing my fingers and hoping this works!

If you're a Google Reader Addict.... Like me... You know it's going bye-bye at the end of June.  I've been looking at several of the replacement programs that are available...
The Old Reader
And the one I THINK I'm going to work with.....Bloglovin'

Check out the post from The Littlest Scholar to see a quick tutorial on how to set up your account.  It was really easy to export the blog list I have right now on Google Reader....but I think whichever service you switch to, it's better to do it BEFORE Goggle Reader goes away ;)

Hmmmm... Couldn't figure out how to add the link to the picture on this post from the iPad... If none of the links show up... try googling   "Littlest Scholars". Or going to littlest  

Lots of great ideas at this blog!  Hop over and take a look!

Enjoy your day!

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