Tuesday, June 4, 2013

K2 Math Fact Fluency Book Study-Think Math Poster

Remember way back when they used to say ... 
"Here's What I Pinned"  and "This is What I Made"?

So here's what I saw on the Mailbox blog...

And with the awesome book we're studying right now and all the talk about 

I think this idea board is a fabulous addition for my room...
So....Here's what I made...
Just took it to the local teachers' store to have it laminated...just couldn't wait until school starts...
The idea I have for my room is (that once we're up and running with the idea of math stories)
I'll add this into our weekly routine.  
I'll put an answer up on Monday and the kids will have the week to write a story problem to go with the answer.  They can use post it notes to stick it right onto their class number.  On Friday's Number Talk Time, I'll do a random choose of 3-5 stories to read and see if we agree that we can get the answer that is on the poster.

If you'd like to create your own boards, you can download the file {HERE}

Any thoughts on how you might use in your room?

Here's the blog that Suzy Q is talking about

Primarily Speaking

Talk about a blog that is chalk full of ideas...Be sure to hop over...gotta run and check out more of the cute things on this blog!  Click HERE for all the math posts including the 
"What's the Problem?" pages Suzy refers too!
Thanks so sharing!!!


  1. This is a great idea. Love the post-it idea for keeping it manageable.

    Not sure if you've seen Aimee's "What's the Problem?" series which does the same thing in a cute way...I am her biggest fan and have even made more that correspond to our field trips, etc.


    I might incorporate your idea next year and alternate between post its and cute paper.

    1. Thanks for the GREAT new blog to follow Suzy Q ! I've added the button to the post and am VERY excited about what I see in her posts! I think Aimme just gained a new big fan!

  2. Hi Heidi, This is a great idea! I have a suggestion for the next time you give another great freebie away... Will you please add your blog name to the bottom of one of the pages? This way, when I get to work and I see this great idea, I can go back to your blog and read what you wrote about it. Just a suggestion. Thanks again! Ashley

  3. What a great thought Ashley! Thanks for the suggestion! Wonder if I can put a link to the post in the pdf?

  4. That's a fun and easy thing to do. Great idea!
    Kids Math Teacher