Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Wish I Had Combinations for 10 using ten-frames

I am having a great time creating 
some new stations to use with the book study on 
mastering the basic math facts for addition and subtraction!

LOVE Ten-Frames and found them sooooooo useful this year with my firsties.
If you want some resources, check out my post about math tools

So I created this game to go along with a game I heard about through

Hope you'll hop over and check out this cutie patootie!
I put it on my Teachers Notebook store for now.

I even included a card game to use with small groups ...
works like "Go Fish" with a twist...

LOVE using my iPad to create some graphics to go along with the new stations...
If you've ever used the app "Good Notes", you know how easy it is to draw and create and share on it! This cute little fairy godmother is one of my favorites so far!
You should be able to grab it by right clicking and saving to your downloads (on a PC) or holding your cursor over the graphic, and click while holding down the control button at the same time.
Just please give me some credit if you use her...

Enjoy your day!