Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How Do You Follow Your Favorite Blogs?

Google Reader Replacement???

Have you found a replacement for your Google Reader yet?

I'm looking....and looking...and looking....

Here's some I've found...

Blog Lovin' ~ It has the ability to import your google reader subscriptions, but doesn't have the one line view like reader...On the upside, it does have an app so you can still check out your blog updates from your devices...

FlipBoard ~ Can also import your google reader subscriptions, however, you can only read on a device...The upside is you can access more than just your reader from the can link twitter, instagram, google reader, and more to the app and have them all accessible from one area...  You can also "Flip It" from your computer, so if you're reading something interesting, you can "Flip It" and read it on your device later...You can also create your own "magazine" to save articles and blogposts to go back and read or share later.

The Old Reader ~ Can also import your google reader subscriptions and you can access on your can organize blogs into groups and it also gives you the ability to view in a headline format or picture format....however, I haven't found an app for my devices YET!  I do think it's very much like google reader...but not sure it's my new favorite...just yet.

Want to read more about replacements....
Check out this article ...

Got any other suggestions?  
Please comment and let me know what you're looking at or deciding to go with 
to replace your google reader :)

Enjoy your day!


  1. I use Feedly and love it! I was able to import my google reader blogs there a couple months ago. I also just tried bloglovin' which I really like but I am a google Chrome user and I can't get bloglovin' as an app to add to my homepage.

    Feedly works great for me! Hope this helps!

    Happily Teaching

  2. I am using feedly, too! It is easy to use and I like how it works on my ipad. It also lets you save posts for reading later when I want to save them for ideas.


  3. I have Bloglovin' set up but I use my Feedly account more. I like it better. I think I'm in the minority as most bloggers are encouraging readers to head towards Bloglovin'.

    First Grade and Fabulous

  4. I use Feedly too! I tried Bloglovin, but really prefer Feedly. It took some time getting used to it, but now I love it! I like that I can organize the blogs I read, and still save blog entries that I want to read later.