Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Squares: Game for Doubles Freebie

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I am LOVING the book from our book study....
"Mastering the Basic Math Facts in Addition and Subtraction" by Susan O'Connell...

We're up to Chapter Five in our study and Doubles are one of my favorite strategies to teach!  There are soooooo many resources out there for doubles...just go to youtube and search for doubles and see all the cool songs you get...Here a couple of my favorite ones:

from Harry's Kindergarten...
here's the 6-10 version...

my kiddos LOVE Heidis Songs and the booklet here...

And I still use my iPods for storing flashcards for doubles with the doubles rap...You can read more about it in a previous post {HERE}

But I'm really LOVING this new game that the book talks about called Squares...
I had to manipulate it a little to work with Second Graders and go from 1-12, but I think it came out ok...

Download your copy here and enjoy!

Monday, June 24, 2013

How do you do Homework?

I'm thinking of trying out the Choice Boards again this year but with a twist...
I want to make it easier on myself and predictable for the kiddos...
So.....I think I'm going to try these Homework Choice Board....

Want to check it out....Download (an updated spelling corrected) copy {HERE}

enjoy your day,

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hopping Up to Second Grade

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Can you tell I'm a bit excited to be hopping up to Second Grade this year?

But my heart has always been PLEASE be sure to keep hopping by to see what 
activities and things we'll be trying out in Second Grade that you can use with your
Firsties or Kinders :)

I've added a new blog button and some
different ways to follow along with my adventures in the world of teaching!

Have you checked out google+ yet?'s a neat little space!
Always wondered what that cute little button did :)

I'm still "tweeting" and "instagraming" and "facebooking"
but I've joined in with Feedly and Bloglovin'
for reader feeds if you used to use google reader ...
all the buttons to follow and stay connected are on the side bar...

Looking forward to some Great New Ideas!

Hop back this week to see what's going on in our study on
"Mastering the Basic Math Facts in Addition and Subtraction"

Good stuff coming up :)

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How Do You Follow Your Favorite Blogs?

Google Reader Replacement???

Have you found a replacement for your Google Reader yet?

I'm looking....and looking...and looking....

Here's some I've found...

Blog Lovin' ~ It has the ability to import your google reader subscriptions, but doesn't have the one line view like reader...On the upside, it does have an app so you can still check out your blog updates from your devices...

FlipBoard ~ Can also import your google reader subscriptions, however, you can only read on a device...The upside is you can access more than just your reader from the can link twitter, instagram, google reader, and more to the app and have them all accessible from one area...  You can also "Flip It" from your computer, so if you're reading something interesting, you can "Flip It" and read it on your device later...You can also create your own "magazine" to save articles and blogposts to go back and read or share later.

The Old Reader ~ Can also import your google reader subscriptions and you can access on your can organize blogs into groups and it also gives you the ability to view in a headline format or picture format....however, I haven't found an app for my devices YET!  I do think it's very much like google reader...but not sure it's my new favorite...just yet.

Want to read more about replacements....
Check out this article ...

Got any other suggestions?  
Please comment and let me know what you're looking at or deciding to go with 
to replace your google reader :)

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Facebook Hop for Freebies

My Primary Paradise

Check out Primary Paradise for a link to a cool "Facebook Hop of Freebies"...
She's also got a cool "guess how much I spent at the yard sale" game going on for a free
five dollar or less product from her store.

Enjoy the day!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Say Hello to Bloglovin'

I'm trying out the "Blogger" App for this post from my iPad...crossing my fingers and hoping this works!

If you're a Google Reader Addict.... Like me... You know it's going bye-bye at the end of June.  I've been looking at several of the replacement programs that are available...
The Old Reader
And the one I THINK I'm going to work with.....Bloglovin'

Check out the post from The Littlest Scholar to see a quick tutorial on how to set up your account.  It was really easy to export the blog list I have right now on Google Reader....but I think whichever service you switch to, it's better to do it BEFORE Goggle Reader goes away ;)

Hmmmm... Couldn't figure out how to add the link to the picture on this post from the iPad... If none of the links show up... try googling   "Littlest Scholars". Or going to littlest  

Lots of great ideas at this blog!  Hop over and take a look!

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Wish I Had Combinations for 10 using ten-frames

I am having a great time creating 
some new stations to use with the book study on 
mastering the basic math facts for addition and subtraction!

LOVE Ten-Frames and found them sooooooo useful this year with my firsties.
If you want some resources, check out my post about math tools

So I created this game to go along with a game I heard about through

Hope you'll hop over and check out this cutie patootie!
I put it on my Teachers Notebook store for now.

I even included a card game to use with small groups ...
works like "Go Fish" with a twist...

LOVE using my iPad to create some graphics to go along with the new stations...
If you've ever used the app "Good Notes", you know how easy it is to draw and create and share on it! This cute little fairy godmother is one of my favorites so far!
You should be able to grab it by right clicking and saving to your downloads (on a PC) or holding your cursor over the graphic, and click while holding down the control button at the same time.
Just please give me some credit if you use her...

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

K2 Math Fact Fluency Book Study-More Math Tools

Math Tools
Continuing our discussion with the book
"Mastering the Basic Math Facts in Addition and Subtraction" 
by Susan O'Connell and Joh SanGiovanni

Chapter One talks about what I like to call ... Math Tools...
 number lines, PPW boards, Ten-Frame Mats, and Number Charts
to help children represent addition and subtraction concepts...

I worked on an anchor chart this year with my kiddos and added a math tool each time we introduced the tool and used it in the classroom.  It was a great resource for the kids to refer to throughout the year. I think the anchor chart was more meaningful to them because we added the tools together and as we used them in class.
You can download a copy to add to your resources {HERE}

LOVE number lines...especially Open Number Lines...(see information later in this post)...
There are a ton of ways to create and use number lines in the classroom...
Here's some resources I've come across in my search for the "perfect number line"...

Number Lines freebie from TpT "Boy Mama Teacher Mama"

Number Lines to 10, 20, or 30 from Sparkle Box.
You can print off on card stock, laminate, add a pipe cleaner and a pony bead to make the number line more interactive.

Create a number line on the floor for more movement and physical concept review.

PPW mats are very useful and great working spaces for the manipulatives we use.
The book provides a great download for PPW mats.
Here are some other resources I've found with "cutesy boards"
I printed my mats on cardstock and put them in clear plastic page protectors.  That way I can store then in a binder for safe keeping and easy access.  

Use the Part-Part-Whole mat to laminate and cut apart so that each child has their own part-part-whole mat in their toolbox....or enlarge and  use during the calendar time.
Download a Part-Part Whole template from Rowdy in Room 300 to laminate and create a number sentence as well.

Primarily Speaking
Aimee's blog is full of great resources for math and more.
Her PPW mats are adorable and a free download.


This handy dandy math tool was a favorite of my students this year.  

Leslie at 
Has this GREAT post about showing kids how to draw this math tool!  VERY  VERY useful for me this year!  It's a simple lesson that helped tremendously when showing the kids how to record their information for the Math Tasks in preparation for the CRAs they will take in the upper grades...uh....well...maybe in our grade 2013-2014!  YIKES!

Head back over to...
to see her wonderful unit on Ten Frames 
AND pick up a freebie 

Here's some more resources I've found for Ten Frames...

Ten-Frame Cards from K-5 Math Teaching Resources
Download and use the blank 3 ten-frames for calendar time or laminate and cut apart for kids to keep in their toolboxes. 
and be sure to search out Donna's Blog "Math Coach's Corner" for all the useful ideas she's got on there for Ten Frames...(really...too many to add here!)
Follow the link {HERE} to the posts labeled with Ten Frames on her blog.
There's an idea about using the ten frames to manipulate bigger numbers and showing the kids that no matter how I break the number apart...I still have the same number...LOVE it and totally using it for calendar time next year!
You can read about my Ten Frame Dominoes {HERE}

Chapter one talks about Number Charts too...have to admit that I haven't used these or the addition table with my firsties...although I have used Hundred's Charts...

Check out some of the resources for hundred's charts ...
...I LOVE ~~~ LOVE ~~~ LOVE the Math Coach's Corner Blog...
She's got a great post about 120 charts at the link above

Donna also writes about the OPEN NUMBER LINE
which is later in the year, but still a VERY useful math tool!

I'm LOVING this book and feel like I'm gaining more and more information about addition and subtraction strategies that would have made math so much easier for me as a student!

Still working on some math tasks and craftivities to go with literature be sure to hop back and check out the Swamp from time to time...

If you're reading along with us, what are your thoughts on the number charts (I like to think of them as limited number charts as they don't show the whole chart) and addition charts with the younger grades?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

K2 Math Fact Fluency Book Study-Think Math Poster

Remember way back when they used to say ... 
"Here's What I Pinned"  and "This is What I Made"?

So here's what I saw on the Mailbox blog...

And with the awesome book we're studying right now and all the talk about 

I think this idea board is a fabulous addition for my room...
So....Here's what I made...
Just took it to the local teachers' store to have it laminated...just couldn't wait until school starts...
The idea I have for my room is (that once we're up and running with the idea of math stories)
I'll add this into our weekly routine.  
I'll put an answer up on Monday and the kids will have the week to write a story problem to go with the answer.  They can use post it notes to stick it right onto their class number.  On Friday's Number Talk Time, I'll do a random choose of 3-5 stories to read and see if we agree that we can get the answer that is on the poster.

If you'd like to create your own boards, you can download the file {HERE}

Any thoughts on how you might use in your room?

Here's the blog that Suzy Q is talking about

Primarily Speaking

Talk about a blog that is chalk full of ideas...Be sure to hop over...gotta run and check out more of the cute things on this blog!  Click HERE for all the math posts including the 
"What's the Problem?" pages Suzy refers too!
Thanks so sharing!!!