Saturday, May 25, 2013

Splash Math app

StudyPad, Inc has this really neat app out that is aligned with the Common Core Math Standards for First Grade!  My kiddos enjoyed the challenge of the game as well as creating their own aquarium from the rewards they earned.  

The different games are easily viewed and, as the teacher, you can change the level of difficulty and how many problems each level has to practice. 
I love the scratch pad addition so that the kids can write out their thinking and solve the problem using some of the tools we've talked about.

There's even a "try it out" free version so you can see the app in action!
Better yet....the app works on both the iPads and the iPods in my room...YEAH!
Now the kids can use this as a part of the math station rotations.

There are many other Splash Math grade level games to check out too from StudyPad, INC... 
Hop over and check them out :)


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