Monday, May 6, 2013

Math Task Journals

Prepping for things to do differently next year?
One of my big changes (well PLANS to change up) is Math Task Journals.
We have math journals this year, but I was not as good about keeping up with the journal as I was with doing the math problems in a whole group or partner style format.
Here's a little peek into what I'm thinking....planning...wondering about...
We do the DEW school wide which helps the kids meet all the task requirements by
Drawing a model of a tool they can use to help them solve the problem.
Equation writing with labels and ? where needed.
Write how what they did and how they know their answer is the correct answer.

Adding a reminder page to the inside cover cuts down on me having to repeat what to do each time...the goal would be to get the kiddos to "know how to do the DEW".

Adding a math tool chart to the back page gives the kids a reminder of what tools we've talked about and can help them think through which tool will help the finish the task the best.

Working on matching our math tasks for next year to our Reading Street stories so that the tasks use some of the words from the stories...(not my ideas...but a wonderful friend who is an awesome teacher and is letting me "borrow" her thoughts for this endeavor)...

Also looking at our Math Pacing Guide and trying to match tasks that would go along with the CCSSM standards that we're teaching each quarter....

Check back to see how things are coming together...

I'd LOVE to hear about some of  your successful ways for helping your firsties prepare for the CRAs (Constructed Response Assessments) to come in the upper grades?


  1. Will you have your math journal materials available on your site?
    I really want to try this next year.

    1. I'm working on matching tasks with the Reading Street stories for First Grade and will have them finished soon. Keep checking back :)

  2. Love your Math Tool Box page ~ will you share it or have it on TPT??

  3. This is so helpful! Thank you!
    I was Mrs. Bland's Student Teacher in 2009. She was great! You are too!

  4. This is soo helpful! Thanks!

    Side note: I was Mrs. Bland's Student Teacher from CBU!...I think it was in 2008! I loved her! You all are the best!

    Thanks...I will check back often for more ideas! :)