Wednesday, May 29, 2013

You're INVITED to a Summer Book Study on Math Fact Fluency!

You're Invited to an ONLINE book Study 
this Summer!

Hope you'll hop over and check out all the great information and discussions this awesome resource book is sure to create!  I'm looking forward to a lot of great idea and resource sharing among a group of wonderful and creative teachers....You don't have to teach in TN to join....but you do have to be a member of this great yahoo group to participate in the discussion :)

 you don't have to live or teach in TN to join....we welcome all teachers :)...
but you do have to be a member of the FGTT yahoo group to participate and post your
thoughts and ideas...consider requesting a membership to this great group today...
no fees apply :)

When:  Study starts on June 3rd, 
but you can join in at any time
We're going to discuss and share ideas on 2 chapters a week...
with a small vacation break in mid-june 
There's a calendar at the top of this blog to share the chapters and dates for the study.

What:  We're going to discuss, share ideas, and soak in all the good information for this awesome resource book:

How:  Using the email format of the yahoo groups, 
we'll share our thoughts and ideas on the discussion questions 
found in the book and also available on at this LINK.
I hope there will be some game/station ideas shared also :)

Hope to "SEE YOU" in June!
I think it's going to be a great time for all!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

CCSSM Title Sheets

Number One Summer Project is to reorder my math stations and games according to the quarters the skills are taught.  I created some quick CCSSM standard sheets to include in the files to sort through the games.  Some of the standards are taught more than one quarter, so I can reprint the title page as often as I need.  Then I can sort through the games and add to the boxes I'm putting together for each quarter.  Hope this helps me get more organized :)
You can download these simple titles HERE.

On a "family note"...
So proud of my son and his accomplishments throughout his school career!
Graduated with Honors and Distinction this past week and ready to take on the world!
Look out!  It could get really crazy world!


Monday, May 27, 2013

ASK cards by CM School Supply

CM School Supply sent me a neat little teacher resource to check out this quarter.
They're called A.S.K. Cards....which stands for Actively Seeking Knowledge.

The cards are great at providing the "questioning and problem solving skills" that evaluators are looking for when they come to your room to observe...Just having a resource of questions to help remind me throughout the week easily transferred to retaining the questions in my brain...

and since they come on a ring....they were easy to keep at my tech table to refer to during a lesson...

Hop over to CM School Supply and check out all the goodies they've got in "store" :)
I think it's something in a teacher's blood...a love of school supplies!


Sunday, May 26, 2013

David Carter's Lift the Flap Book

Have you had the opportunity to check out David Carter's Lift the Flap Books???
Check out this video tour of the book below:
I shared the book with a team teacher down the hall and here's what she had to say about

They were immediately intrigued by the 

idea of 100 flaps.  This book covered several 
different skills.  
Each page contained 5 flaps.  Each flap was 
numbered from 1 -100.  They could count by 
5’s or by 1’s.   
Size Seriation:
In order to close the flaps, they had to fold 
them back from the smallest to the largest.  
The book was divided into 10 categories.  As the 
students lifted the flap.  They learned about things 
in each of these categories
Forest Animals
Garden (Fruits and Vegetables)
Dessert Shop

Be sure to hop over and check out this interactive resource for yourself!
You can check it out at the Sterling Publishing Website !


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Splash Math app

StudyPad, Inc has this really neat app out that is aligned with the Common Core Math Standards for First Grade!  My kiddos enjoyed the challenge of the game as well as creating their own aquarium from the rewards they earned.  

The different games are easily viewed and, as the teacher, you can change the level of difficulty and how many problems each level has to practice. 
I love the scratch pad addition so that the kids can write out their thinking and solve the problem using some of the tools we've talked about.

There's even a "try it out" free version so you can see the app in action!
Better yet....the app works on both the iPads and the iPods in my room...YEAH!
Now the kids can use this as a part of the math station rotations.

There are many other Splash Math grade level games to check out too from StudyPad, INC... 
Hop over and check them out :)


Thursday, May 16, 2013

End of the Year Gifts for Firsties

Fact Fluency Practice
I love giving my firsties an end of the year gift that I hope will help them practice their math fact fluency over the summer in a fun way!  Dice seems like a good choice for my kiddos this year as they are loving all the games we’re playing in stations AND they LOVE to roll dice…anytime….anywhere….anyhow….
Tape the poem to a quart sized ziplock baggie.  
Laminate and cut out the playing boards and game direction

add a wipe away marker to the baggie. 
Then just for fun, through in…a pom pom to erase the marker from the playing boards.

Easy Peasy! J

Have a GREAT End of the Year!


Download the files from my TpT store for free

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Graphing in a Galaxy Far Far Away

I LOVE Star Wars which is the GREATEST movie of all time!

I plan to print out and laminate the character page above so the kids can use expo markers to help count the characters before they graph each one below.

They can use the tally page to practice making and counting tally marks....then use the symbols to create and solve
number equations.

I've included several different versions of the number equations...
subtract from 10
more than
less than

The Graphics are from 

Hope you'll hop over to my Teacher's Notebook Store or my TpT Store and take a lookey look :)


Monday, May 6, 2013

Math Task Journals

Prepping for things to do differently next year?
One of my big changes (well PLANS to change up) is Math Task Journals.
We have math journals this year, but I was not as good about keeping up with the journal as I was with doing the math problems in a whole group or partner style format.
Here's a little peek into what I'm thinking....planning...wondering about...
We do the DEW school wide which helps the kids meet all the task requirements by
Drawing a model of a tool they can use to help them solve the problem.
Equation writing with labels and ? where needed.
Write how what they did and how they know their answer is the correct answer.

Adding a reminder page to the inside cover cuts down on me having to repeat what to do each time...the goal would be to get the kiddos to "know how to do the DEW".

Adding a math tool chart to the back page gives the kids a reminder of what tools we've talked about and can help them think through which tool will help the finish the task the best.

Working on matching our math tasks for next year to our Reading Street stories so that the tasks use some of the words from the stories...(not my ideas...but a wonderful friend who is an awesome teacher and is letting me "borrow" her thoughts for this endeavor)...

Also looking at our Math Pacing Guide and trying to match tasks that would go along with the CCSSM standards that we're teaching each quarter....

Check back to see how things are coming together...

I'd LOVE to hear about some of  your successful ways for helping your firsties prepare for the CRAs (Constructed Response Assessments) to come in the upper grades?