Sunday, March 3, 2013

Good Notes iPad App

I am in LOVE with the iPad app for note taking called 

I first read about it on the blog:

I use my iPad in the hall as we are traveling to the restroom or waiting for assemblies to start...
This is the PERFECT app to upload worksheets and have the kids write on the them for practice!

You can check out Elizabeth's post from Creative Learning Fun to see how easy it is to upload the papers.  My team has created a shared DropBox folder so we can upload things we're using as a team.

You can try the app for Free....only loading 2 sheet or documents at a time...or

You can upgrade to the full app and create folders and notebooks for as many items as you like.
I've uploaded a pdf of our conference form and had a fabulous time with a "test pilot" conference where I could write on the form and have the parent sign the paper...just emailed her a copy of our conference notes from the app...

Speaking of Dropbox....if you haven't heard of NEED to go check it out!
The ease of transferring files is unbelievable!!!

The app is free for iPads, iPods, and iPhones and you can access your account from your computer as well!  It's sooooo easy to use and to share a folder with others!!!

You can also link up and upload from your SkyDrive account!

And...if you hadn't guessed already....SkyDrive has an app for free too!

Thinking about uploading a copy of our weekly fluency assessment papers to see if I can use these to mark for Running Records and then send the results to the parents....uh...oh...better stop before I go on too much!

The cool stylus from Targus was at Walmart for 14.99...(on amazon for 7.99-but impatient teachers can't wait that long to try things out)...

I'm also looking at the Bamboo Duo Stylus!  Quite a lot more...but the possibilities are mind screaming!

Give it a the Jump Frog addition to 18 freebie unit by clicking on the picture above or HERE.
Upload it to your dropbox or skydrive account and then add it to a folder on your good notes app.
Have the kids answer the equations by writing right on the can easily get to the next page using the tools in the app for finding pages...

Have fun!!!


  1. Can't wait to try these ideas! Thanks for all the suggestions.

  2. AACK! I'm a little overwhelmed! I just got an iPad for Christmas and I have been too intimated to use it at school. I hog it at home and for my 4 year old to practice reading on. But, you had me at "waiting for assemblies to start"...
    My First Love

  3. Great references! Thanks so much for sharing!