Monday, March 11, 2013

Educents is Coming!

If you're like me and are a Groupon fan, I think we're gonna LOVE Educents!

Click on either picture to sign up for a free 15 dollar gift card BEFORE 
the site launches on April 2nd!

Here's looking forward to some good deals!

and speaking of some good deals...
Have you been to the Educational Insights webpage lately?

There's a great 25% off deal going on right now!
Plus....FREE SHIPPING when you spend 25 dollars! 
There's a contest to win some big bucks on Facebook!

One of the "Swamp Frogs'" favorite item on the site is the Hot Dots!
The kids LOVE using the pens to self check their work.
I'm thinking about adding a recording sheet so they can write what they know,
 but right now they're having too much fun and learning just with the crazy pen and cards!  
Perfect for a Math Station rotation to work on fluency!

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