Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snow Much Fun!

So....I'm NOT the most patient person in the fact, far from it... and if we're gonna be cold ....I'd at least like some snow to go with the cold!  
    (Of course as I write this post we're no where near's 66 degrees and rainy..
                     but when I was thinking of snow it WAS cold! )

Time to take matters into my own hands (well....the kids' hands) and MAKE SOME SNOW!

Thanks to Steve Spangler and the class I attended where we learned all about making instant snow!

And the kids LOVED IT!  Went right along with our story of "The Mitten" by Jan Brett too :)

First we became scientist and observed with our eyes...we talked about what the stuff in the cup looked like and things we THOUGHT it might be...
We felt the stuff and talked about what it felt like...making sure that we talked about NOT putting it into their mouths or up their noses (I know...but you gotta make sure :)

We made a bowl with our hands 

I poured the stuff in and then added the water for some magical moments!

Talk about some AMAZED firsties!  LOVED it!
Thankfully we had big paper towels to play with our snow on the desks.

Since it's not the packing kind of build a snowman snow...we decided to work out some 
math tasks while we had snow to write in...

So we patted the snow into a circle and then I began with the math tasks...
"There are 10 snowflakes in the sky.  5 snowflakes fall to the ground.  How many are left in the sky?"

They could write their answer in the snow....YES!  
Fun in a bag! 

When it dries out....add more water and presto puffo...more snow!

Oh could add in some science know like...states of matter...polymers...but then could just sit back and have some good old fun!



  1. Love this idea. I have 25 students. Is one "bucket" of snow enough? How many did you use? Thanks, Beth

  2. Hi Heidi! Great The Mitten tie-in! I've used this fake snow with my kids, they love it. Great for teaching the Scientific Method too!! I just found your blog, I’m your newest follower!
    Science for Kids Blog