Friday, January 18, 2013

Operation Smile

As a soon to be college "funding" parent, 
I was happy to find a company that rents textbooks!

Remember purchasing all those billion dollar books for one semester in college and then selling them back for pennies?  Campus Book Rentals sounds like it's a win win situation for the new college generation...and you can even highlight in the books!

Not only highlight, but they offer you the opportunity to rent your books to others and make some money in the process....of course to put right back into the books you'll need for the next semester :)
And if you really feel the need to keep the can purchase the book !

I'm definitely keeping this group in my sights for the Fall 2013 college year!
Good grief!  Am I really old enough to have an "almost" freshman in college?????

Very happy to see that they are also supporting Operation Smile...
With the books that are rented a portion is put into this worthwhile and fabulous program of helping those with needs to be given a brighter smile!

Hop over and check out their site and see what you think!

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