Sunday, January 6, 2013

Math Station with Dominoes

I needed a direction sheet with a little more meat to it for my Math Stations this
I created a little Domino Math Station sheet.

The plan is to have the kiddos use their math journals or scrap paper to write out their domino stories during station rotation times.

We'll do a couple together to give them the idea and then set them free to explore...since the station has two frogs working together, I'll allow them to talk over their stories and discuss ways to write their words....looking forward to seeing some interesting results!

You can download the direction sheet for free HERE...



  1. Thanks so much for the freebie! This is PERFECT for what my kids need practice with. I am planning to use it this week!


    Compassionate Teacher

  2. I left a comment on TpT, but wanted to leave some love here, too! Thanks for the freebie- it's perfect to go along with the domino flashes we've been doing whole group!

    Sliding Into First

  3. Hi.
    I just found your blog. Thanks for sharing. I love using dominoes during math. So many possibilities.
    I'm a Tennessee teacher too.
    What school system are you with?
    A. Monroe