Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Making Grinch Dust Makes Grinch Day a Huge Hit!

In past Grinch Day Celebrations, I've made the Grinch dust at home
 and given it to the kids as a special treat....

But this year, I made the Grinch Dust with the kids...and it was kind of a neat thing!

First, the kids scooped 1/4 cup of something sweet smelling 
(like sugar, but as scientists...we know we NEVER taste something that we don't know what it is:)

To the sweet smelling white crystals, 
we added two drops of love
(yellow food coloring which turns kind of a red color when it touches the sugar)

and two drops of joy
(blue food coloring)

After the bag is zipped tight, the kids gently add some hugs to the mixture.

As the kids continued to hug their love and joy together with the sweet smelling crystals,
the grinch dust created was a magical delight for all!

The final step was to add the Grinch Dust poem that explained what to do with the dust!

I love our projects on 
How to Make the Grinch Grin....

This year, I decided to get a close up picture of the kids with their grinchy ways to make the Grinch smile before creating the final movie with their projects.

They recorded their grinchy ways to add with their pictures!

It was a great day in the swamp!


Update....check out how we celebrated Grinch Day in the Second Grade HERE


  1. Great activity. Merriest of holidays.

  2. So cute! I love anything Grinch :) Stop by my blog if you have the chance...I'm having a huge giveaway!

    Thanks for always sharing!

    The Fabulous First Grade

  3. What an awesome idea! We always make reindeer food, but this is such a fun alternative. Plus, since the kiddos make the Reindeer food in K, this would be a neat change. Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  4. Perfect timing! We watched "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" on Tuesday, then yesterday we made comic strips of the story, and today I was looking for something to wrap it up when I got your post. Our ESL Firsties/KGs have got their corner of Pakistan covered!

    Love from Lahore,

  5. Super cool!! We are going to be hosting a guest blog hop over at our blog and would be honored if you would participate. Thank you for considering. Stephanie



  6. Would you be willing to share your poem? I just started Grinch this year but would love to add to it yearly. If you have other ideas you did I would love to hear.
    Thanks, Jackie
    P.S. Have you done anymore QR codes?

  7. This is such a great idea! We have our school Christmas play next week and the theme is The Grinch. I'll definitely make these. Would you be able/willing to share your poem card and Grinch smile template with me? Thanks for sharing your cute, cute ideas!

  8. Would you be willing to share your templates for both the poem and the grinch smile? Great idea.

    1. I think I got those from Deanna Jump's Grinch unit. Sorry :)