Friday, November 23, 2012

QR Code Word Scramble

Here's a way to incorporate QR Codes into 
your Word Work times..
I've printed cards to laminate and use again and again.
Students will use the QR Reader app to
scan the code and record the letters they see.
Using the DeScrambler List....
students will write the word that they can make
from the letters they find in the QR Codes.

Use the jpeg pictures to hang around the room
and let the kids Scan, Read, and Write the Room!

Download the ...



  1. I LOVE these! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to use these in a center this week!
    The Connected Teacher

  2. I will be using QR codes for my K students to practice reading color words this week. They are addicting once you start making them! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  3. Thanks for sharing more QR codes that you use in your classroom! I like the ones you posted last week also. Thanks again for sharing,

  4. this is so great! thank you!