Thursday, October 11, 2012

Take the Counters for 8

Working on helping my firsties with the concept of subtraction will hopefully work wonderfully with this cute little activity using the red/yellow counters from our math kit.

The idea is to put 8 counters on the desk.  
Your partner takes some of the counters while you have your eyes covered 
( know how that works with little ones!...
so at least turn away so you're not watching outright :)

Count how many counters are left on your desk and make sure they are all turned to the yellow side.
Record this on your sheet with crayons and pencil.  Then think about how many your partner took...
You had have ??yellow ones on your many does your partner have to have to get to the number 8?
Color these red and mark your answer.

Then put the counters on your desk to check and see if your work is correct.

You can grab the recording sheet on my 


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