Saturday, September 15, 2012

Johnny Appleseed Craftivity and a Math Task

Mamaw's been hard at work again!  
She's created a craft for us to use with our activities on Johnny Appleseed!

But.....before we can begin the craft....we've got to gather the information
and sort out our ideas!

So this week our job will be to gather information on the historical figure:
John Chapman

There are a ton of resources out there for John...just google his name and you'll get 
overwhelmed pretty quickly...

I've narrowed down my choices and think these are some of my favorite sites to use
for the "gathering phase of our activity"...

to use with a SmartBoard presentation or just your projector

and of course....YouTube has the video of Johnny Appleseed 

After all the research is complete, we'll start working on a tree map for 
You can grab a copy of the tree map by clicking the picture above or HERE.

I'll create a the tree map on a large tablet page with the kids first...that way we can list a lot of things we learned about Johnny and then choose two things we want to write about Johnny to add to our Craft pictured know...the one that Mamaw sent us and will Skype the directions on how to put it together on Johnny's birthday :)....but our research will be done and we'll be ready to write about Johnny after we put him together.

We'll also work on a Math Task using Johnny as the character of the task...
Once we have our plans in place for how many apples to put on Johnny's shirt...we can easily show what we know on the finished craftivity...
(Mamaw sent us a bunch of cut out small apples 
that are red and green 
so we can add them to the shirt for Johnny to make the number 10.)

Haven't decided which back of the page I'm using yet...
or....even if we're ready to write about our math thinking....
but we'll give it a go :)

You can download a copy of the CCSSM Math Task for Johnny by 
clicking on one of the pictures or HERE

Hope you're having a great year!
It's been a whirlwind of activity for us!....
new Common Core...
new Math Tasks... fill in the blank....
Hang in there and enjoy!


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  2. Heidi, I love the math word problem involving Johnny's shirt! Thank you for sharing.
    Owl Things First!