Monday, August 13, 2012

Small Group Anchor Binder

So .... here's the idea...
Take 3-ring binders and fill them with words to practice/read while you get the other students settled and ready to roll during small group reading time...

I've always had an anchor activity for the kids in small group to do while I check to make sure everyone else is settled in and ready to roll for the group time.  Usually, this activity revolved around putting words together, putting words in ABC order, or reading a story from the week before...

So...I'm thinking this year... I want a binder of things they can use as anchor activities.  

First in the binder will be their decodable word posters.  If you're using Reading Street from Scott Foresman, you can find the decodable posters on my web pages or on the yahoo group.  Some very talented ladies shared them with me about 6 years ago and I still use them to this day!

I decided to type out the words to the decodable stories for my series instead of wasting all the paper to run the stories off this year.  To back up the decodable word poster....I'll put the decodable stories to practice for the week.  You can find the file to download these stories at the 

Knowing that some students will be above and beyond this practice, I've decided to add the dolch words from "The School Bell" dolch word kit.

I love the way she has the list and then the list of phrases using the list of words.  I think the kids will be able to practice reading these outloud and to a partner for anchor time too...

I also plan to add some ABC and Blending charts for those firsties that can use some practice identifying letters and their sounds.  If you haven't been to Jessica Meacham's awesome site...she's got a wonderful resource for offices that have many downloads for different word charts...

I'd love to hear what else you might think of putting in the 
"Anchor Binders for Small Groups"... about a pencil pouch with a dry erase marker so we can mark on the page protectors as we read and talk about the words...and one of those small erasers from the Target Dollar Spot to erase and an altoid tin with some letters of cut up words to put back together...and...and....and...



  1. Thank you for sharing the RS anchor charts! This will be a WONDERFUL resource to use this year! I went to the TN teachers website & was unable to find Units 2-5. Could you leave a link for me to download them? Thanks again! :)

    Roxy Nelson
    First Grade Teacher
    Huntsville, AL

  2. LOVE it! I plan on doing this!!

  3. I have the decodable posters on my website under teacher resources you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page for the decodable poster....Unit 1 and 2 decodable stories are on the First Grade Teachers in TN...haven't gotten farther than that at this time :)