Saturday, August 4, 2012

How Do You Celebrate Birthdays?

Hello All,
Here's a guest post that I was excited to share with the followers of Heidi Raki's blog....

Raki's Rad Resources

I have a confession to make
....birthdays are not my favorite thing to celebrate...
I feel better!

So when I was in Walmart the other day and came across these treasures in the new school supply area....I thought they might help me make birthdays a little more special for my kiddos and a little more easier on me :)

Here's the idea.... 
~place birthday pencils and erasers inside the adorable (but way too expensive) pencil pouch...
~create "It's My Birthday" tag for lanyard...

On child's birthday, they get to choose a (pre-sharpened and ready to go) pencil and eraser from the pencil pouch....then they get to wear the birthday lanyard throughout the day instead of a sticker (that always fell off before lunchtime anyway)!

If you're at all familiar with Dr. Jean then you know what a  "spitfire" she is to watch during a conference/workshop !  
I've learned about tons of things from her.  
My favorite are her classroom cheers!  


I was inspired by her YouTube video of some ideas for making birthdays special...
You can check out her blog post about birthday celebrations HERE.

I've created a "cheat sheet" to post near the 'meeting area' in my room so I remember what the words are to the songs and chants she talks about in her video.  

You can download a copy for your class by clicking on the picture above.

A friend of mine also said she remembered a teacher friend of hers making the day special with a candy bar and a note on the birthday child's desk waiting for them when they come in the room....Uhmmm...not sure I'm ready for THAT...but maybe a roll of smarties for being a year smarter today???  Might have to work on a tag or sticker for that concept...
Be sure to hop over to the Swamp and see if I can cook anything up !


  1. :( The link isn't working:(

  2. Great idea for birthdays! I always struggle with that every year, too. I want to make the birthday balloons & put them on a silly straw or something. I'm your newest follower...& have a frog themed classroom. Would love for you to stop by! :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  3. Cute idea! I have a Birthday Basket for the kids to visit. It also has a "table tent" (plastic pictue frame) all fixed up with Happy Birthday for the student to keep on their desk for the day.

  4. I am having trouble with the link too!

  5. Which link is not working for you?
    They all seem to be "hot" and moving for me :)

  6. I clicked on both the cheat sheet and the picture...both do not work. But adorable idea. I will check back!

  7. That's weird. They're both working for me...and I'm on a different device...I'll see what I can do :(

  8. I always have a hard time coming up with an easy and inexpensive way to do birthdays. This is cute.