Saturday, August 25, 2012

Giraffes Can't Dance Math Task

Mamaw ( my mom in Ohio) put together a "first of the year" art project to Skype with the kids and create a giraffe from the book "Giraffes Can't Dance".

If you've never heard of Gerald...there's a great YouTube video put together by someone much more technical than I...

Before we skyped with Mamaw, I read the book to the kids...we talked about the message..."everyone's different....we can all do things, but not all in the same way, respect others and their differences, etc"
We talked about the main character....Gerald...
and we talked about shapes on Gerald's body and how his spots looked...

The we sat down to skype with Mamaw

She worked with us to help us put together the pieces and create a Gerald we could make dance in our own way.  

Then came the Math Task portion of the project...We've been talking about ways to make 10 and how different numbers go together to make a whole their task became showing those parts on Gerald with the spots they drew.  Some of the spots had to be triangles and some had to be circles.
For a first experience with a Math Task and a Skype session all at one time....
They did GREAT!

Don't have a Mamaw to put together a project for you?
Check out this art project from Mary Making...



  1. So fun! I love that book. Thank you for the great freebie! :)
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  2. By the way, I LOVE that your mom did this lesson with you. That is adorable and wonderful:)
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets