Sunday, August 19, 2012

AR Reading Logs

Anyone else have a lot of passwords and usernames that students have to remember?

We use the Accelerated Reader online access program at my
I've come up with what the kids call their 
AR Reading Logs...

On the front cover of their log is all the various programs that we use in the class and for the school along with their username and password....voila!  All in one place for easy access for my firsties 
(and any parent or school volunteer that might be working with them that day!)

The inside pages allow for those who are adept at writing to record their information for each AR book they take a test on for the day....for those not so adept at writing...I ask a parent volunteer to help write them in or ask the child to bring me to bring me the book and so I can record it...of course I show them how to record their score and date....which is really what I'm after...Quiz number not so much...title is great!  Helps so that when they're taking a test the don't try to retake a test :)

I usually include 3-4 inside pages depending upon the student :)

If you'd like a copy of the editable documents, you'll need to email me at

I couldn't get the format to stay the right way from google docs.

If you just need the pdf of the can click on any of the pictures above or HERE.
I didn't include any of the graphics so you can add your own :)

Enjoy your day!


  1. I'm your newest follower!
    I use something similar but my passwords are separated by groups which are color coded. I see that you use iStation, this will be my first full year it, what are your general opinions on iStation? I'm eager to get my kiddos using the program soon! Thanks for sharing,
    Kindergarten Schmindergarten

  2. Hi Vanessa,
    This will be our sixth year of using iStation. Like any program it has some good and bad points.
    Be sure to check out the teacher resources as they provide for a lot of great lessons and have free printables for small group reteaching/intervention.