Friday, July 27, 2012

Dots Not Lots....

The dreaded glue bottle dilemma and firsties will soon be upon the Swamp!

My plan is to be proactive this year!

Step One:  I purchased the small bottles of glue (59 cents each).  I've got the vaseline and 
Q-tip brigade ready to roll tomorrow on all 20 bottles.  I plan to add a little frog sticker to the front of the glue bottle along with a number ... sometimes I'm enamored with small things.  I think the small bottles will be easier to deal with than the larger ones at first and I can fill them with the other glue bottles that are brought small bottles fit better inside the supply container I have for each desk...
I'm weird..or so I've been told...over and over again :)

Step Two:  Teach the song as we practice making dots with our glue bottles, twisting them tight, and wiping them off...There's two versions of the song...but this one's my favorite.

I've got the large chart on a glue bottle hanging in the front of my room for reminder...
Then I created ones for the kids to keep in the binders and practice making dots on together.

Wish me luck!

If you'd like a copy....Click HERE...for the Horizontal pdf.

This one is sung to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It".
Neither are my words, but have been passed down from teacher to teacher as far back as I can remember teaching in TN :)

Click HERE for the Vertical pdf.

I don't know the name of this song...sorry...

If you have any tricks of the trade...please leave a comment and share your wisdom!

Wish me luck :)


  1. This is SO cute Heidi! Thanks for sharing. I wish I had words of wisdom to share on the topic. :)
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  2. I've just heard: Dot, dot, not a lot! & A little dab will do it!

  3. Oh this is too cute! Thanks for sharing. I have not had bottle glue in my classroom for about 2 years. I always had the kiddos bring in glue sticks. This year I broke down and had them bring in bottle glue. I will so be using this to help with the glue problem.

    The Busy Busy Hive

  4. Krissy from Kindergarten Monkey Business posted a great glue practice activity complete with student pages this summer. I think you'd love it! I've added it to my plans for the beginning of the year.

  5. I always say a dot is a lot; a glob is a slob!

  6. "Don't taste it"?! Bah ha ha. Great for my kinders. :) Thanks for sharing. I am with you on glue...makes me crazy!!! You can also try paintbrushes in little bowls. That seems to help too. ;)

  7. This is the cutest thing ever!!! I love the little printables you made--adorable!

  8. I fixed my glue bottle dilemma by only using glue sticks nowadays. ;) I think that you can sing the 'dots not lots....' to Twinkle, Twinkle, and repeat the first couplet at the end.

  9. I love your idea. Where did you buy the small bottles of glue? I been looking fir them.

  10. Thanks for all the suggestions...looking for the glue pages from the Monkey Blog :)

    I bought the glue bottles at our local teacher's store...Knowledge Tree...for ....59 cents! yippee! They're usually more if they're I was very excited!

  11. Found it...

  12. Here's what we say:
    "A dot, a dot, a dot will do
    More than a dot is too much glue."

    "Touch the lid to the paper."

    Our school is across from a lake-
    "No Ridley Park Lakes, No Delaware Rivers and no Atlantic Oceans"

  13. You are one brave girl. I only use glue mom brought bottles of glue for a party project & my class just stared at her!

  14. Thanks! We use glue sticks because I fear the dreaded glue bottle...but this may just do the trick!

  15. I've taught primary grades for 23 years. That equals lots of glue issues! These tap glue lids are the bomb.

    They can only get a dot at a time. I use the big bottles and they are kept in a rubbermaid type drawer. If (ok when) someone manages to take the who lid off and the glue spills it is much easier to clean out. I have the kids stand them up in the drawer and end up with 0-1 spills a year.

  16. I teach my preschool kids to use a rain drop of glue not a puddle.

  17. Cute!
    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

  18. *LOVE* this! Thanks for sharing. We've always recited..."just a dot, not a lot" (over and over) as we work, lol! This will be a great visual reminder to put on the glue bottle container. We don't keep them in our desks either, lol!

    Thanks, again!
    A+ Firsties

  19. What are you doing with the vaseline and q tip?

  20. You have no idea how happy you have made me! I love this so much! Thank you!

  21. Love LOVE it! Thanks :) We are going to do this the first week LOL.

  22. Heidi, this is soooo darn cute! Thanks for sharing! I'm giving you the One Lovely Blog award because your blog rocks. Thanks for the inspiration! Stop on over my blog to pick up your award. Ashley :)

  23. I, too, am curious what the vaseline is for; I assume the q-tip is to apply the glue?

  24. I use the Q-Tip to apply vaseline to the inside of the glue bottle lid...supposed to keep the glue from glumping and clumping. Some people have said they use cooking oil...we'll see how it works. It wasn't very fun taking off all those lids :( But the job is done and they look cute with their frog stickers and class numbers on the bottle :)

  25. Love it!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  26. I love this! I gave it a shout out on my blog: