Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crewing Across America

Hello Friends,
Thought I'd take a moment to update the Runs progress as they Run Across America onTrails!
All Four Started on a great day in Twin Harbors, WA...however, Marty (the 65 year old second time across runner) had to drop out at the end of the second day due to some serious knee issues with his "good knee". Luckily for us, he stayed to help crew for awhile.
Mike (my 46 year old husband) had issues with his hip flexor muscle on the fourth day, but was able to work them out.
Jen (the 33 year old UK runner) had a pretty nasty quad injury on the seventh day and has just now gotten back to run/jogging.
We've been through some pretty cool-definitely rainy-sometimes snowy- areas of Washington State and are just now into Idaho.
Yesterday was the warmest day to date! ...and the loveliest hotel in Harrison, ID (population 267) "Lakeview Inn"...
Today is the Run's first all trail day which means the crew better be up to date on coordinates to find the places to meet them.
I miss my 'crewmate' -Karen- a K teacher from Illinois. She was a great navigator and good company!

If you'd like to learn more about the Run or follow the daily blog updates, please join us at: http://runacrossamericaontrail.blogspot.com/
You can also join our facebook group: Run Across America on Trail
or follow our Twitter: @RunUSAtrails
you can subscribe to all through the blog for the run.

I can't thank the people that are taking care of things back home enough...from the house sitters to the yard crew to the prayer warriors....THANK YOU!

Enjoy your day!


  1. I hope no more injuries come ya'lls way! Keep going! Stay Strong!

  2. I grew up in Troy, Idaho and spent most of my summers on Chatcolet Lake and the St. Joe River. We always would go to Harrison by boat for ice cream cones. I love seeing the pics on Facebook! I currently live in Galesburg, Illinois.

  3. What a great experience/journey you are having! Enjoy every moment and wishing you all the best!
    First Grade Shenanigans