Sunday, April 1, 2012

TN Blogger Meet Up....Are You In?

The countdown is on....
13 more days to go before meeting up with some 
great online friends...

Can't wait to meet them.... are you coming too?
email Laura to join the gang...
they'll be some neat door prizes too!

1. Kerri from Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten
2. Heidi from Swamp Frog 1st Graders
3. Markeeta from A Teacher and A Blog
4. Erin from Eberhart's Explorers
5. Heather from Mrs. Shelton's Kindergartn
6. Heather from 1st Grade Rocks
7. Jessica from Under the Alphabet Tree
8. Mary from Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives
9. Staci from Going Nutty in Miss Squirrels 1st Grade
10. Jennifer Nolen - blog follower
11. Shana Nolen - blog follower
12.  Sarah Ebbers - blog follower
12. Laura Starnes from Kinder Kraziness


  1. I wish I could come but I have plans that weekend. Y'all have fun!

    Swimming into Second

  2. I'm sooo bummed I cannot come! My school is having a big carnival that day and I'll be working from 7am-1pm, so I'll totally miss it. And I'm only about 30 minutes for me! Can't wait to read about all the fun you guys have, though!

    Once Upon A First Grade Adventure

  3. Yes I am!! And, I am your newest follower!! Come visit my blog and I will meet you very soon! Yay!!
    Teaching, Learning, & Loving