Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Writing with the Angry Birds!

We're studying adjectives and working with creative writing .... these little birds are everywhere around here and they seem to really have a hold of my firsties....they LOVE these characters!

Sooooo....today we did a directed draw of this cutie (well...if angry can be considered cute) ...
I saw him on a website and decided we could draw him using shapes and line curves.
We started with the hat and drew curves and rectangles....added some circles and triangles and voila!  An angry bird that "stole, borrowed, took, plucked" a leprechaun's hat!  Perfect set for the writing we'll be doing tomorrow about this story idea!  We also talked about shape, size, and color words as we drew to get our adjective study incorporated!

After we drew, we started some prewriting discussions today about ...
why the angry bird would need the hat?
 what kind of a hat could it be?   
what could the hat help the bird do ?

I find that with the group I have this year, drawing and discussing possible scenarios as we draw helps them build a story idea in their mind....then we talk about what we might like to happen in our stories...
then we write "MY" story and predict what I might add to the story.  

Today we focused on adjectives that would help me describe things in my story so that the reader would be able to "see" them better when they were reading it.

Here's a sneak peak at "MY" story from today...

How the Angry Bird _____ the Leprechauns Hat
(we left the blank in the title as I haven't decided if he stole, took, borrowed, 
or just found the hat as of yet)
Once upon a time there was a round angry bird that lived in a large brown tree.  He spied a small green leprechaun playing under the tree.  The leprechaun was wearing a big green magic hat!  The round angry bird thought the magic hat would help him defeat the green king pig.  So the round angry bird flew down and plucked the magic hat off the leprechaun’s head.

Not bad for a start... now to see where they go with the story tomorrow as we Write on Wednesday!
If they come out well....we'll use "Sonic Pic" to take a picture of our work and record our stories to make a movie of them!  Should be fun!  
You can see some of the projects we've completed using Sonic Pic in the past at our classroom web pages on the "Technology Project Page".

Here's a sneak peak at one of my firsties work of art....

Can't wait to see how the story turns out for this cutie!

Check back to see what's up...I may try to create a writing paper to go with the bird....but then again, we may just write on our table paper and glue it to the back!



  1. LOVE THIS!!! I have several kiddos who are crazy over this too! I may have to "beg, borrow, steal" this idea =)

    Kinder Kraziness

  2. I love this idea! My kiddos are beyond obsessed with angry birds!

  3. I love the Angry Birds idea!!!

    Im a new follower!

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  4. Absolutely love this idea :) Thank you for sharing!