Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spelling City Premium Membership!

I've been using for several years as a free web resource to help my students work with their spelling words during computer time at school and for homework.  About two weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to upgrade to the Premium Membership and

Spelling City has always been a part of my "Homework Activity Board" choices.  

However, I have never had a way to track the games being played 
or the tests the kids were taking using the free version. With the Premium Membership, 
I can login and check on their progress without a hitch :)   
I love the ability to give students assignments to complete each week t
hat are differentiated and suited to their individual needs.  
Better still....being able to track their progress and see where they are showing success 
helps me see which skills might need more reinforcement in small groups.  
There are more games and activities available to the students with the Premium Membership.  
Two student favorites right now are ...

I particularly like the speedy speller as it combines keyboarding skills with the spelling of the words.  
I find the kiddos are more aware of where the letters are located on the keyboard after playing this activity just for a couple of weeks.  They also get a little excited when they get to add their initials to the gameboard for having the fastest time of the day :)

Having the students take a "Pre-Test" using the Premium Membership allows me to access a gradebook and see which words they got correct on the first try, which they had to try more than once, and which they have yet to attempt.  

We use during our computer lab time 
as well as a portion of our time with our laptop cart.  
Parents are able to access their child's information and 
reports for their assignments are easy to see at a glance.  
Here's what a parent had to say about our new membership upgrade...
 My child is "really enjoying the premium games, especially Letter Fall.  She has been asking to play that game since we had access to Spelling City, but couldn't until now.  
Pros- she seems more engaged in learning her spelling words because of the new game choices.  
So far, I have no cons.  It's very easy to access and navigate."

I tried to put together a screen recording of the things I like about 
the Premium Membership in Spelling may take a moment to load on your computer.



  1. Hey girl....I am giving you a top ten award. Come by and grab it.

  2. This is a fantastic site. I use it all the time. I love how you can store lists and you are not excluded if you cannot afford a full membership