Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Early Bird Work Linky Party


I'm experimenting with some ways to "spice up" the early bird work in my classroom.
I've tried journaling, but need a little more to push my firsties through this last quarter.
I've created some slides to project onto the board as they come in for early bird work.
These are specific to the words and grammar skills in Reading Street's Unit 4 Story 5
"Peter's Chair" and the Power Standards review for some of our math skills...

Download the pdf of the power point here and let me know what you think....
Any suggestions on how to change it .... add to it... take away from it...???

What do you do for Early Bird Work in your class?
Join the linky about your early bird work ideas and then
link back to share what you do with us !

Don't blog...consider leaving a comment to share what you do 
for Early Bird Work in your class!

Can't wait to see what you have to share!

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  1. great idea! I like how you shared your morning work so I followed your lead! :)

  2. ok, I'm NOT trying to rain on your parade or anything...I PROMISE!!! I used to do "fix them up" sentences all the time too, then our writing coach came and told us that we should stop doing those because they need to see examples of CORRECT sentences not incorrect sentences...what do you think??? So now I just have them write me sentences that go with certain W questions...and how. I'd lvoe to get other's opinions on that topic...

  3. Jen....valid point.... I do agree that students need to see correct sentences, but I also think they need to recognize when something is not correct and be able to solve the problem of how to correct it...not that I'm disagreeing with your writing coach :) Just another way of viewing the benefits of fit it up sentences in my thoughts... I like being able to have the kids go over the sentences using the smart board (well...when it works) or just project it onto the white board and have the kids come up and explain why they are changing the sentence to look a different way. I use this time the same as I use my "Math Talk" helps me to see how they are thinking about writing and the skills we've learned during the year. Hope that makes sense....It's not just the correcting the sentence and going on that I's the talk that comes from correcting the sentence that also helps me see where I need to continue to reinforce skills and whom I need to have a little conference with at some point during the week on what's happening in their thoughts. I also like to have a couple of students show their illustrations and have the rest of the kids see if they can determine which sentence is illustrated. Leads into some talk about detail in illustrations that help us see what the sentences are talking about....we have other times during the week where they are writing sentences using vocabulary words and spelling words as well as questions like you do :)
    Thanks for sharing :) Anyone else have thoughts?

  4. At my school, Daily Oral Language and writing prompts must be part of our "Do Now," so each morning my little ones have a sentence to correct and a paragraph to write.


    Stories from Room 114

  5. Hi Heidi, I love this idea for a linky party! I do spelling work first thing in the morning with my kids, but I'm not sure if that's something you'd like to see linked up, what do you think? I really enjoyed seeing what you do with your class. :)

  6. Kristen,
    Would love to see what you're doing!
    Link away :)

  7. I will, thanks!! I'll be linking up later this evening :)

  8. I like your early bird work!

  9. Looks like you are using the same format each time. How about making a standard recording sheet for the kids to use?

  10. Loved your Early Bird work. I use te same reading series. Would LOVE to see more work for the remaining stories. You were so generous to share.