Saturday, February 25, 2012

Permission to Pin Granted!!!

I should really be better about reading the fine print!  Had no idea this was something I had to worry about!  I'll only be pinning from blogs and sites that give permission from now on...Guess I'll need to find another way to store all those ideas that aren't giving permission....

Be sure to check out Laura's information on Pinterest and set it up for your blog too!
As for me....PIN AWAY on the Swamp and this blog!  

Hate it when cool things come with a "fine print" :(



  1. Thank you for sharing! We just stumbled upon your blog and now we are off to post a similar post on ours! We had no idea we needed to give/get pin permission!

    Katie and Rebecca

    First Grade ABCs

  2. I had no idea either. Thanks, Heidi.

    Grade ONEderful


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