Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett

My firsties are really enjoying the book movies....especially the Christmas ones!  My son and I were at a book fair for the school this past week and one of the kids yelled out..."'re the guy that wrote that gingerbread baby story!"...we'll have to work on making sure they know who the author of the stories are and who the reader of the stories are :)
This one is set to the Scholastic Book words...sorry.  You'll have to get the book for those :)


Here's the link to the Youtube video.


  1. I have always loved this book for a less than obvious reason...I think all teachers who become frustrated and loose their patience should be required to read it...It's all about KINDNESS and LOVE..verses FEAR and INTIMADATION.
    Happy Holidays, Barbara

  2. Thanks for the Youtube link. We are learning about reindeer this last week of school before Christmas break and I was going to read the book but we will watch the video instead. Thanks again!