Monday, December 26, 2011

HFW Snowflake Color


Here's a game I think the kids will enjoy to review the 
High Frequency Words from Reading Street Units 2-6 and 3-1.  
Print and cut apart the snowflake pages for each student in the group.  
Each child should have ½ a sheet of paper with a snowflake.  
Print the High Frequency Words on cardstock, laminate, cut out, and store in an Altoid tin or baggie.  You may wish to have more than one card of each word.

Each student needs a crayon.  
Shuffle the cards and place face down.  
Reader(teacher) takes the top card, reads the HFW on the card and uses the word in a sentence without the other players being able to see the word.  
Players search their snowflakes for the word, point to the word on their paper as they call out “Crystal”.  They must be able to read the word they are pointing at before they can claim the snowflake crystal with this printed word.  
If they are correct, they may color the snowflake space on their page.  
Play continues with Reader calling out words and players calling out “Crystal” to color in their spaces.  Winner is the person with the most snowflake crystals colored at the end of the time period. 

Download the game HERE.

Let me know what you think...any suggestions for changing it up?



  1. WoW! I love this! Do you have a blank template of the snowflake that I could adjust for my reading series? My e-mail is Thanks for sharing!

  2. Creative Idea!

  3. Love this! Thank you for sharing! Even though I do not have this book - the game is very suitable for my students! Thanks!!

  4. From one Reading Street teacher to another, THANKS!