Monday, December 12, 2011

Crispin the Pig Who Had it ALL!

Check out this great book for the holidays and getting down to what it's really all about!
You can buy it online at

I used the unknown binding tab and got a beautifully used book that's a paperback with hardly any noticeable wear...there's about 8 copies on the unknown binding section today :)

After we read and discuss the story, we'll complete this worksheet to help us record our findings!

The thought is to have the kids use scrap paper to create the outside of the box so that it's very decorative.  The draw the best present of all inside...hopefully that will be friends, family, etc...


You can also view it on the youtube link HERE...

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  1. We listened to the story yesterday and again today. The kids loved it. We were able to have great discussions.