Saturday, December 10, 2011

Arbol de Navidad Loteria

We'll be spending some time this week practicing our math facts by playing Loteria....Christmas style.
I found a game on another web site, wish I could remember where, but lost the game from the site.  So I decided to switch it up and add some cards to the original idea.  Since we've been studying some of the Christmas traditions from around the world, and my kids are in love with the Spanish language, I decided to teach them the Spanish version of bingo....loteria....should be a lot of fun!

Since we've been working with doubles and doubles plus one, I made the cards to go with these skills.  You could mix it up and make the cards to go with whatever skill you're working on at this time!

I've created enough cards for 19-20 different number combinations.  You could use mini marshmallows for markers, M&Ms, or Skittles...yum!

Download the file HERE!



  1. Oh my goodness, I could kiss you! My room mom emailed in a panic that she didn't have enough games for our party on Friday and could I please make a bingo game like I did last party? My husband has been out of town for 2 weeks so this supermom doesn't have much spare time. Thanks so much for taking something off my list!!!
    FInally in First

  2. I loved the loteria as a kid. This looks like a great game.

  3. Thank you for sharing. This is great. I'll use it for a math center.

  4. I am so inspired by your creativity and generosity. Thank you for sharing. Your students are lucky to have you as a teacher. :)

  5. Thank you so much for sharing. I can't wait to share this with my class tomorrow.