Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Skyping a lesson with Mamaw!

YEAH!!!  We successfully skyped a lesson with my mom today!  It was a blast!  She talked them through how to put together the turkey she had created for them.  Then they told her what they were thankful for so that they could begin the writing portion of the project!

It took a minute for the kids to realize that they had to be in front of the camera for Mamaw to see them.

They were totally enthralled with the whole process and were so intent on doing the things she said!
Here's some of their end products!

Create your own turkeys using the patterns HERE

Can't wait to skype with mom again as she helps them put together an elf project for December!

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  1. LOVE that your mom skyped with your kiddos for a lesson!
    Thanks for sharing the turkey template. I've already downloaded it and getting ready to email it to my sub to see if she'd like to do it with the kids next week.