Friday, November 25, 2011

Scoot Task Cards for Number Sentences


Task Cards for
 Number Sentences

I found this game described on First Grade and Fabulous
You’ll need questions on cards to put on each child’s desk.  You can download some “task cards” from Mrs. Davis’ site by clicking on “task cards” in the label section of her blog.  She has some resources for both Math and Reading. 
The number of response boxes on your record sheet depends on the number of kids you have. If you have 20 students, you’ll need to create a record sheet with 20 boxes.  Each student needs a copy of the record sheet to play the game.
Place a numbered task or question card on each student’s desk.  Students will move from desk to desk reading and recording the answer to the task question on their record sheet. If they are at number 1 desk, they answer in the number 1 box on the record sheet. When you say SCOOT, they move to the next desk.  Mrs. Davis recommends practice moving from desk to desk so that students understand how and where to write their answers on the record sheet to correspond with the number of task card on the desk they are at each time.
Once students return to the desk they started the game at, you can go over the answers with the class. Mrs. Davis suggests checking their work starting with the student with the number 1 card. As they read it aloud and give their answer, you can collect the task cards. This suggestion from Mrs. Davis makes for a quick clean up.

I can't wait to try this game with the kids!



  1. I hope you and your students love playing Scoot!! It's a GREAT review. I unfortunately can't take credit for the game. I found it on proteacher a few years ago. I've since made my own cards to follow our curriculum ;)

  2. I love this! I have been doing the same thing for years as a review but I called it "Math Around the Room." Blah! Scoot is so much better. Just an idea...for fun and a bit of a break, I make a drink station and a treat station (plate of cookies). When they are at those desks they don't have a problem...just a treat. Thanks for posting.

  3. That sounds like a delicious idea!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas on this wonderful blog! I want to share the Sunshine Award with you! Check out my blog for the award button and the rules.