Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chalkboard and File Folder Stories

File Folder Story...ahhh...the good ol' days!

I LOVE Dr. Jean's blog!  Today she's sharing about her file folder story:  "Timmy Turkey".
I followed her directions and finished this cutie pie in under 30 minutes!  I'll laminate at school and add the construction paper, but how cute is this!  Need a copy of the turkey body?  Click here for a VERY OLD file of a turkey body!  I'd love to tell you where I got it from, but it's THAT old that I don't even have the company on it...looks like it could be from an old Thanksgiving book that I used to use for holiday crafts, but I've since torn them apart and put into files.  Sorry!

Dr. Jean even gives you the story to glue on the back...
Just copy and paste into a word document and voila!
Story ready for Thanksgiving!

Speaking of OLD files...I finally found the draw and tell story I was looking for...only it wasn't called a draw and tell back in the day...we called them "Chalkboard Stories"...probably because we actually used a chalkboard to draw the story as we told them!  No chart paper or white boards for me :)

This one is called "The Wild Ducks and The Goose" by Carl Withers.  I remember copying it down for an assignment in....1986...for my Language Arts college course.  Our job was to locate and share story telling ideas to use in the classroom.  I have an entire 3 ring binder of stories (hand copied)!  I remember being graded on organization as well as....handwriting skill!  Wonder if they still do that today?
I haven't used it in a couple (well okay... a LOT) of years and would probably change up the wording in some spots...but it's fun to do with the kids!  I think this year, I'll tell the story and draw once....then have the kids listen and draw with me the second time. 
You can download my "beautifully hand copied" version of the story HERE.

Don't forget to stop over at Dr. Jean's wonderful blog!


  1. I think OLD SCHOOL is SO cool! Love that you took me on this flashback! I recently cleaned out the top shelf of my closet to find a binder of handmade lessons and lesson plans. My first year teaching I used a white board and they were just installed that year. It was a HUGE deal to all the other teachers there at school. Now I can't live without my smart board, elmo, and macbooks...pretty crazy!!!! Thanks so much for the memories!!! Love your hand drawn story Heidi!
    Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

  2. Thanks for the great idea and the link to Dr. Jean's blog. I am going to make this to share with my class on Monday!

  3. I LOVE Draw and Tell stories! They are a great spring board for other activities as well. You can practice transition words, listening comprehension, vocab etc.